Big Brother 14 – Nominations #2 and POV #2

I did it! I watched a show and provided you a review the next day! Enjoy.

After the Storm

So after Willie’s abrupt departure from the house, we leave off with everyone’s reaction. Most are excited Willie is gone except for poor Shane and Jojo. Those two know they are on the chopping block.

Jojo attempts to save herself by talking with Frank. Even though she voted against Frank she hopes it proves she was loyal to someone. To Frank, it proves she was loyal to the wrong person. As Frank describes a conversation they had in the past, the BB editors share with us the very clip. Funny story, this previous conversation took place in the same room with them sitting in the same position.

We are  then treated to the most obvious nomination ceremony. As everyone suspected both Shane and Jojo are up on the block. Poor Team Britney. Wait, why are Janelle and Boogie working together? I thought she knew what a “Toolbox” he is.

Let’s Rock out with the Guac Out! – POV Competition

The extra players for the POV competition are Ian, Ashley and Wil. Poor Danielle wants to play because she knows she is a target.

Today’s competition is a Mexican Fiesta! Housemates are dressed up like tortilla chips and are faced with pools of goo that represent tortilla dips like, cheese, guacamole, bean dip, and salsa. Players have to dive into the pools to retrieve ingredients for a Mexican dish but the trick is they have to put the ingredients in the right order and be the fastest!

As the competition begins, Ian takes the lead thanks to his photographic memory. Jojo and Shane aren’t that far behind. Ashley created an interested mnemonic system that I think is caused her to be slower. Shane finishes his menu first and luckily was correct. He wins his second POV! Britney is so excited she jumps on his gauc, opps I mean she jumps into the gauc.

(Ed. Note: Now I am reminded of the delicious, delicious taco place that just opened up where I live and I want to go back and order all the tacos.)

Nah, I don’t even like Britney

Shane knows he has the power and starts to play his own game. He approaches Frank and Boogie and states he wants to work with them. He doesn’t want to leave this game because of something his coach told him to.  Sounds like he is breaking ties with Britney. Oh, Shane you are as smart as you are tan. Boogie takes Shane’s plea and equates it to a sick puppy who he will take care of. Get over yourself.

Shane later lies to Britney about the conversation he had with Boogie and Frank. He really is going to play his own game. Go Shane! Britney has been a pretty useless coach.

Tough Love

Dan knows that Danielle is the obvious replacement nominee. Instead of helping her like he attempted to help Kara, he decides to give her a little tough love approach. I agree with this tactic. If Danielle really wants to stay she better start doing some work. She needs to talk to some people. Dan’s method is a bit of a long shot, but his chances of winning as a coach now are fairly slim now. He’s got nothing to loose.

Danielle’s first attempt to work is by asking Shane if he will vote to keep Jojo in. He says, he doesn’t know. She then gives up and cry-bernates in the lounge room.

POV Ceremony

Right before the ceremony, Shane attempts to convince Frank to place Wil as the replacement nominee. (NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There is too much comedy left in him. What other plaid hats will he wear? How many mesh tops does he own?) A sigh of relief comes over me as Frank places Danielle as the replacement nominee.

So will Danielle fight to stay? Will Dan be the first coach to go? And seriously, what other mesh tops does Wil own?

Other Thoughts

  • Shane looks like Adam Scott and sounds like Uncle Jessie
  • Dear BB Producers, I appreciate your effort trying to make Ashley look interesting but it is not working.
  • Hey Shane, I’m pretty sure the phrase, “Game up.” Isn’t a phrase.


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