Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 8.2.12 (Austin Aries, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Sting, Kurt Angle)

– Interesting way to kick off Impact, haven’t seen a brawl kick off a show in awhile. I just wish Zema Ion wasn’t in the same ring as the TNA Champion.

– First #ImpactLive Tweet of the Night from… @JohnCenaSupporter complete with John Cena’s picture. That might be a first in wrestling history.

– It has to be weird for Kenny King. Going from not knowing if he was going to have a contract with Ring of Honor to being in the ring with Austin Aries and Bobby Roode as part of the main event storyline. And all within one month.

– And there’s a CM Punk Twitter avatar. Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

– Anyone else starting to get annoyed with Taz’s suplex comments. Come on, we all know you were the Suplex Machine. Stop trying to be clever and just go with it.

– Nice showing for the all for men. That’s the most you’ll get out of me concerning Ion.

– I wonder if Sting has continued to paint his face like the Joker just because it’s easier and he’s lazy.

– Is it wrong that I just want Aces and Eights revealed so we can see all of these good workers in actual matches?

– I think James Storm is forgetting his feud with Rhyno when Miss Jackie was his “enforcer” valet. I actually just watched their Elevation X match the other night. The TNA version of a scaffolding match was just a stupid idea for the workers but it sure as hell looked cool.

– Speaking of watching old footage, just last night I watched Kurt Angle win his first WWF title from Steve Austin and who celebrated with him in the ring? A bob-haircutted, non-siliconed filled Karen Jarrett. I truly almost didn’t recognize her.

– Weird thing my wife just mentioned again, that I look a lot like “Cowboy” James Storm… minus the Shawn Michaels haircut from circa 1996.

– Love the fact that in all those pictures, AJ Styles looks completely roofied.

– Only Christopher Daniels would wear a scarf in August.

– Jeff Hardy. James Storm. Bully Ray. Robbie E. Which one doesn’t fit?

– Dear God, I love Bully’s “Twittah Machine”. Why do I think that was a Dave Lagana invention?

– The Madison Rayne storyline had potential… before they went with Earl Hebner. I probably would have paired her with a babyface Garrett Bischoff where she starts to slowly turn him heel.

– Why does anyone allow Earl Hebner to officiate the Knockouts’ matches? I mean, he always missed his spots in Knockout matches and now he’s diddling Madison Rayne.

– “I don’t know why they’re picking on us.” – Really Brooke?

– Honestly, I think too much damage has been done to Chavo Guerrero’s wrestling personality to ever be taken seriously again.

– That is NOT what I thought Wes Brisco would look like considered who is dad is.

– Ok this baby shower was fantastic. Is it weird I want a mini-AJ vest for my kid?

– This woman is just such a horrible actress though.

– Aww damn, I thought this Joseph Park angle was over. At least now the guys alluding to the fact that Park is Abyss.

– Thought the entire roster was going to be ringside to fend off any attacks…

– Ok, so they are all going to come out separately, during the match, taking away from the action from two of the most talented guys on their roster.

– Gotta love how Kurt Angle needs his opponent to bend over to deliver the Last Call.

– So since the misdirection is that Aces and Eights didn’t hit the ring is because James Storm was in the ring, does that mean that they are looking at Wes Brisco as being the leader since they made a point of showing him in the audience?

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