UFC on FOX 4: Shogun vs Vera Live Results and Play by Play

Tonight, live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, UFC presents UFC on FOX 4: Shogun vs. Vera. In the main event of the evening, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua takes on Brandon Vera with a light heavyweight title shot on the line. Also on the card, former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida faces The Ultimate Fighter winner Ryan Bader.

Main card (Live on Fox)

Mauricio “Shogun” Rua vs. Brandon Vera
Round 1 – Body kick from Vera early on. Rua counters with one of his own. Vera tries for another kick and Rua catches it and walks clear through it with a takedown. Shogun is in half guard and Vera is looking to control him on the mat. Vera continues to keep Rua at by, but Vera slips free to feet. Three high kicks from Vera and Rua clinches. Rua goes for a takedown but Vera takes his neck as he pulls guard and works for a submission. Rua postures up and levels big shots on the mat. Rua gets back into side control, but Vera gives up his back in the process. Big hammerfists to Vera’s head are countered by a back elbow from Vera. 10-9 Rua

Round 2 – Rua clips Vera early with a big punch that stumbles him. Against the fence, Vera is launching counter elbows to the head of Rua. Rua eats elbows. Head kick from Vera after a great sequence against the cage, whereby Rua swung for the fences. There’s a lot on the line tonight and both fighters are showing it. Vera clinches and gets Rua against the fence. The crowd goes nuts for Vera and he sweeps Rua to the mat. He’s in half guard himself. Short elbows to the body of Rua. Knees to the body from Vera on Rua. Rua is exhausted and is getting pummeled as the round ends. 10-9 Vera.

Round 3 – Front kick from Vera lands. Flying knee from Vera hits as well. Rua presses Vera to the fence. Vera spins free and almost gets dumped with a big punch. Two punch combo followed by a big left leg kick from Vera. Rua gets Vera down and is working for a submission from the top. Vera gets back against the cage and works back to his feet, eating hooks on the way to his feet. One-two combo with a kick on the way out by Vera. Rua clinches and takes them to the mat. Rua tries for the mount and Vera defends, keeping him in half guard. Long strikes in the mount from Rua. Rua finishes the round on top. 10-9 Rua

Round 4 – Both fighters look totally exhausted. Vera with a big left elbow. Body kick from Vera lands clean. Rua goes for a takedown and gets the clinch, aiming a knee to the body and then one to the head. Vera protects a trip with a thai plum and nearly lands a big knee to the face. Two elbows from Vera are countered by a right uppercut from Shogun. Fighters are separated into the center of the cage. Vera is pushed backwards by a huge right hand. Vera reaches for his mouth (maybe his mouthpiece was loose?) but he gets rocked with two more shots that drop him face down. Three punches later and this is over.

Winner: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua by TKO (R4, punches, 4:09)

Lyoto Machida vs. Ryan Bader
Round 1 – Body kick lands for Machida. Bader slips inside for two quick body punches. Bader lunges wildly. Left body kick connects for the former champion Machida. Knee to the body from Machida. As Bader comes forward, Machida just slides out of the way. Front kick Machida lands at chest height. Right hand from Lyoto Machida as Bader is coming in. Bader tries for a looping right and eats a shot to the body. Front body kick from Machida. High kick from Lyoto doesn’t land. Machida throws another quick body kick to end the round. 10-9 Machida

Round 2 – High kick from Bader is deflected by Machida. Front kick from Machida is avoided. Machida stands strong as Bader charges in and is put to sleep with a big right hand.

Winner: Lyoto Machida by KO (R2, punches, 1:32)

Joe Lauzon vs. Jamie Varner
Round 1 – Varner is backing away from Lauzon early, but registers a hook to the body. Varner tears up the body early. Body kick from Varner lands clean. Two punches from Lauzon miss wild. Big right staggers Lauzon and Varner pursues momentarily. Big knee to Varner’s chin. He composes himself by circling away. Flying knee into a jab from Varner. Body kick from Varner. Big shots by Varner are countered by Lauzon. Right hand lands for Lauzon. Three punch combo lands for Varner. Lauzon is clipped and he’s down to the mat. We end the round with both men grappling for dominance with Varner on top. 10-9 Varner

Round 2 – Two kicks early from Varner. As Lauzon comes in for a knee, Varner pops him in the mouth. Two kicks are blocked by Joe Lauzon, the second of which nearly sweeps his legs out from under him. Muay thai clinch from Varner. Lauzon gets Varner’s back. Varner gets back to his feet and spins out of danger. Big body shots from Varner are countered by Lauzon, who ends up alongside a kneeling Varner, who is hammered against the fence. Varner gets back to his feet, but sees his back taken by Lauzon. Great grappling exchange, but Varner ends up on top and raining elbows to end the stanza. 10-9 Lauzon

Round 3 – Big hug from each fighter to start the third, and final, round. Lauzon shoots for a double, but Varner steps away. Varner gets a power double of his own. Varner works his way into half guard. Lauzon sweeps his way back to his feet. Big right from Varner. After elbows from the feet, Varner drives through for another takedown. Lauzon takes a triangle but Varner is initially safe. Lauzon pulls him in tight and cinches it in, earning the submission win.

Winner: Joe Lauzon by submission (R3, triangle choke, 2:44)

Mike Swick vs. DaMarques Johnson
Round 1 – Right hand from Swick right off the bat. Big punch from Swick that staggers Johnson. Another right hand finds a home for Swick. Johnson lands a right hand counter. Johnson walks through a hook and gets Swick to the mat with a big takedown. Big elbows from Johnson. Swick fights his way back to his feet and the two are throwing major blows. Big knee to the head of DaMarques Johnson, but he blocks a knee and gets on top of Swick, moving into mount. Johnson tries to take Swick’s back for the submission but Swick gets free. A D’Arce attempt from Johnson is avoided as he tries to reposition his hands but this is Johnson’s frame. 10-9 Johnson

Round 2 – Right hand again to open the fight from Swick. Swick looks unstable on his feet but he lands a sweeping left. Swick catches a big leg kick from Johnson and knocks Johnson out with a punch. As Johnson hits the canvas and eats another shot for good measure.

Winner: Mike Swick by KO (R2, punches, 1:20)

Preliminary Card (Live on FUEL TV)

Cole Miller vs. Nam Phan
Round 1 – Jab connects for Miller. Miller is using his reach advantage early and preventing Phan from getting inside to do any damage. Three punch combo from Phan ends with a punch to the body. Phan lands four punches, ripping a body strike in the center of his combo. Big left to the rib of Miller. A swinging left catches Miller three times and Cole continues to walk into it. Make that five times. Five punch combo that is countered by a high kick from Miller. Phan’s combination work is awesome thus far. The round ends with Phan pressing forward and a sign of respect from both fighters. 10-9 Phan

Round 2 – Phan comes out with a leg kick to get inside on the lankier Miller. Body shot by Miller finds a home. Phan moves toward what brought him the most success thus far, but is thwarted by Miller here in this round. Phan catches a kick, but Miller gets free. Circling the cage, Phan ducks a loose right hand. Cole Miller takes two big shots from Nam Phan. Front kick from Cole Miller slips past the face of Phan. Body shot into a two punch combo from Phan that draws “oohs” from the crowd. Left hook from Phan connects with half a minute to go. Miller walks away from two more left hooks and Superman punches his way toward Phan. 10-9 Miller

Round 3 – A touch of gloves to start the round. Miller is wobbled and Phan is teeing off. They’re both slugging away on their feet and Phan charges toward the taller man. Miller shoots for a takedown, but Phan shakes it off and goes back on the attack. Body shots from Phan before a knee from Miller is partially blocked. Counter left connects for Phan. Body shot lands solid from Phan, who eats an uppercut for his trouble. Phan ducks several shots as Miller pours it on. Flying front kick from Miller lands to the ribs of Phan. Miller is swinging wildly as the round ends. Was it enough? Probably not. 10-9 Phan and 29-28 Phan

Winner: Nam Phan by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Phil Davis vs. Wagner Prado
Round 1 – No touch of gloves to start. Prado stands in the southpaw position. High kick from Davis is blocked. As Davis steps in, Prado catches him with a big punch. Prado takes a big eyepoke and time is called. Can’t get over how very much that appears to hurt. He’s got blood coming out of his eye and the fight is called off.

Result: No Decision (R1, eye poke)

Josh Grispi vs. Rani Yahya
Round 1 – Grispi is on the attack with early jabs. Yahya misses a punch and ends up on his face, eating a hook from the mat. Yahya works through a huge knee and ends up in guard. Good ground and pound from the Brazilian. Grispi maintains his guard and prevents Yahya from moving into side control. Yahya works through to side control after a lot of work. Yahya is quickly into North-South and Josh Grispi taps as Yahya tightens down the choke.

Winner: Rani Yahya by submission (R1, North-South choke, 3:15)

Phil De Fries vs. Oli Thompson
Round 1 – Right hand connects from De Fries. Both fighters battle for position on the fence, with De Fries taking an early advantage. Oli Thompson lands some small shots but eats a knee before the two men are separated. Right hand over the top from Thompson. De Fries in control against the cage. De Fries gets Thompson to the mat momentarily before they resume grappling against the Octagon. Big John pulls the two men apart again and De Fries eats a big leg kick. With under a minute to go, Thompson defends a double leg takedown attempt from De Fries. 10-9 De Fries

Round 2 – Thompson is the more experience striker but has yet to assert that dominance. Instead, De Fries is getting off earlier and he drops Thompson. Big John looks as if he wants to step in at some point during the onslaught that followed, but Thompson recovered. Pressed against the fence, Thompson takes a few big shots to the face. Big right lands on the chin of Thompson. Left hook and a knee to the head of Thompson. De Fries finally gets the single leg that he’s worked for and ends up on Thompson’s back. De Fries hammers away and gets on hook in. De Fries gets his arm under the chin of Thompson, who has to tap out.

Winner: Phil De Fries by submission (R2, rear naked choke, 4:16)

Manny Gamburyan vs. Michihiro Omigawa
Round 1 – Early feeling out from both fighters, with Gamburyan earning an early leg kick. Flying knee misses from Manny. Left hand from Omigawa puts Manny on his butt, but he recovers quickly. Three good punches from Gamburyan find a home. Body shot from Manny. Left hand lands outside from Omigawa. Head kick from Manny is defended. Gamburyan eats a shot from Omigawa. Omigawa takes a body shot and walks through it. Manny shoots for a single leg takedown, but he fails and Omigawa steps away. Big left from Manny. 10-9 Gamburyan

Round 2 – Each fighter comes out with significant offense, swinging for the fences. Gamburyan shoots for a takedown and gets caught in a standing choke. After a prolonged period on the fence, Manny drags Omigawa down. Omigawa pops back up and is slammed again. He returns to his feet, but is thrown to the mat. Manny takes Omigawa’s back, but Omigawa gets back to his feet after a slick transition. Out of the clinch, Omigawa misses a big spinning back elbow. Leg kick lands for Omigawa. Jabs end the round. 10-9 Gamburyan

Round 3 – Right uppercut from Manny is blocked. Head kick stuns Omigawa and Manny smells blood. He chases Omigawa around the cage and tries for the KO. He seems to have regained his senses before another big head kick comes in from Gamburyan. Omigawa has fully recovered now and has gotten Gamburyan against the cage. Great beginning to the third stanza. Big body shot from Manny. Manny puts Omigawa to the fence and earns a takedown that Omigawa gets up from right away. Omigawa secures the neck but Manny slips free. Omigawa is taken for a ride and dumped on his back twice, the second time into side control, but Omigawa is persistent and reverses the position. The two fighters are back standing and Gamburyan tries for one last head kick (and lands an accidental groin kick as well) before the fight ends. 10-9 Gamburyan and 30-27 Gamburyan

Winner: Manny Gamburyan by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Ulysses Gomez vs. John Moraga
Round 1 – Moraga grabs a clinch and gets a knee and leg kick. Big leg kick from Moraga. High kick from Moraga misses. Gomez is bleeding from the forehead from a headbutt. The leg is caught by Gomez but after a bit of grappling against the fence, nothing happens. More action in the center of the Octagon that Moraga avoids. Moraga clinches with Gomez against the cage and lands a series of elbows before finishing Gomez off with a few hooks.

Winner: John Moraga by KO (R1, punches, 3:46)

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