10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 08.06.2012: John Cena, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, AJ, The Big Show

My first Raw since they went to the 3-hour format, which kickstarts my quest to become the most social-media active writer for Inside Pulse Wrestling ever.  Let’s get to it!

1.) AJ’s objective as General Manager (besides looking yummy in pants suits) is to be the most “active social media GM ever”.  Not the most effective, or the most creative – but the most pandering, common denominator GM ever.  This, in a nutshell, is what drives me bonkers about the WWE.

2.) Hey – Rey Mysterio with the Rocky Maivia Memorial “Suddenly Wearing a T-Shirt During a Match” award!  Un quiero mas burrito, Rey?

3.) Since both moves were prominently featured last night, I have to voice another complaint.  When CM Punk or John Cena use the GTS or AA, they have to lift their opponent into the fireman’s carry position (Brock Lesnar does it for the F-5, too).  Lately, it seems like when one of them lifts their opponent onto their shoulders, the opponent just lays there, stock-still, and offers no resistance.  It’s a small thing, but it’s the little attention to details that makes a huge difference.

4.) Speaking of paying attention to detail – I LOVED that when Alberto del Rio took off his boot to play “Wack-A-Christian”, he was wearing dress socks underneath.  Since he had to hurriedly get dressed for his match, that makes a lot of sense.  Nicely done.

5.) Whoa!  The Big Show used a chinlock against Randy Orton?  Maybe the Legend Killer will poop in the giant’s gym bag for gimmick infringement.

6.) WWE said that their Facebook page gains 40,000 new followers EVERY DAY?  As someone who works professionally in social media, I was initially impressed – that’s amazing, actually.  Then I did a little math.

The WWE Facebook page currently has 9.7 million fans – a staggering amount.  I didn’t research individual superstar pages, but they weren’t mentioned in the graphic – the WWE main page was.  At 40,000 per day, that means that the WWE page has only been around for 242.5 days.  From what I can tell, they’ve had their page open since 2010, so that’s not entirely accurate.

It’s probably one of those “WWE math” type numbers – where they probably DID gain 40,000 followers a day…for 1-2 days.  Phenomenal numbers, but still a little fishy.

7.) AW seemed much more muted on the mic this week.  Plus, he referenced a saintly white woman this week (Mother Teresa) – I’m guessing he was on double-secret probation and had to watch his language.

8.) PLEASE tell me that the beat down by Damien Sandow leads to Brodus Clay coming back as the ass-kicker we all originally thought he was going to debut as when he returns.  Something like “I was a dancing goof and all it got me was my ass handed to me and no titles.  Now that’s all over – and I’m putting the WWE on notice.”

9.) If I didn’t know better, I’d say the WWE has a vested financial interest in Tout.

10.) The “Bad Idea Jeans” moment of the night – Brock Lesnar taking the mic from Paul Heyman.  You’re not a promo guy, Brock.  Last night proved it.

Bonus Thoughts!

11.)  A flying headbutt off the top rope?  From the same guy who got fired for strangling Justin Roberts with his tie?  You’re on thin ice, goat boy.  That’s dangerously close to “he who must not be named”.

12.) I hated the outcome and the ending, but that transition into the Attitude Adjustment WAS pretty smooth.

13.) There was an awful lot happening at the end, wasn’t there?  Punk’s official heel turn, then Show standing tall – and all I was waiting for was Lesnar to be beating the bloody hell out of Shawn Michaels.  I guess that’s next week – or we’ll have to watch a Tout video or something about it.
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