Covert Affairs – Episode 3-4 – “Speed of Life”

Annie Walker’s asset and questionable lover Simon calls and informers her that he is in DC for a surprise visit. This happens to coincide with DIP defense contracts have been stolen and the burglar has ties to Simon and his nefarious deeds.

Annie is now forced to allow Simon into her life as the CIA prepares a residence for her and Simon to share as a love nest before he concludes his business.

Forced to choose between here FBI contacts and her desire to keep Simon as an asset Agent Walker is forced to make a tough call when Simon chooses “work” over Annie. With her cover seemingly blown, Annie is transferred back to Joan’s department. However, Simon later pulls up to Annie, admits that he likes her, and she gets into his car.

Newly-engaged Parker struggles with Auggie being a CIA agent and questions their past, which results in her breaking off their engagement. He later gets drunk and gets arrested for a random public fight. It’s this on again off again situation that usually turns viewers off in the long haul but I have hopes that Covert Affairs will allow the fans the relationships that give the show heart along with the danger that makes it great!