Why Did Kharma Leave WWE? Her Future Plans Revealed…

Rumor has it that Kharma / Awesome Kong left WWE because during her pregnancy that eventually ended in a heartbreaking miscarriage, she gained some extra weight and went into depression. The speculation is that these two factors led to her and WWE parting ways before she could make it back to WWE TV to continue her storyline of dominance that was cut short due to the pregnancy. However, Kharma is not letting this bring her down anymore. As covered by Diva-Dirt and reported by TMZ, Kharma says she is working really hard to lose the extra weight she gained and wants to launch a reality show that documents her journey in this new phase of her life. She’s very serious about losing the weight, getting back into shape both mentally and physically, and, hopefully, she’ll be able to wrestle once again somewhere down the line being that she is just a very talented strong woman.

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Source: Diva-Dirt