Were Money No Object on Aug. 8th

In the wake of Comic-Con, there’s usually a lull in new graphic novels being published, but this week has one that is worth noting.

The Book I Think You Should Buy:

Right State

by Mat Johnson, and Andrea Mutti; Vertigo, $24.99

You can be excused for thinking that the only things happening in the world right now involves either people shooting up other people while they are about their various cultural forms of worship (be that at a temple or at the movies), or people competing in sporting events, but apparently there is also an election coming up in America.  These types of things aren’t often reflected in comics (and please don’t comment about DC Universe Decisions), so it’s nice to see Vertigo giving us a good, old-fashioned political assassination comic.

Here’s the solicitation text for Right State:

Just in time for the fall presidential election, Mat Johnson, acclaimed writer of INCOGNEGRO, delivers a race-against-time political thriller about a militia group that’s plotting to assassinate the second African- American President of the U.S. In the week leading up to a major campaign speech, the Secret Service discovers that an extremist militia group is plotting to assassinate America’s second African American President. The best chance to avert this crisis is to infiltrate the group using an ex-Special Forces war hero turned conservative media pundit named Ted Akers. While Akers’s politics make him a hero to the right-wing fringe and no friend to the current Administration, he takes the assignment and what follows is an adrenalinefueled race against time to stop a President from dying and a country from being ripped apart.

So aside from the redundancy of mentioning the President’s colour twice, this sounds like it could be a pretty interesting comic.  I really enjoyed Johnson’s Incognegro, and found some good stuff in his Dark Rain, although I felt that he played it safe with that book about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.  Johnson excels at digging into uncomfortable racial situations, so this should be up his alley.  Andrea Mutti has shown himself to be a reliable artist.

So, what would you buy Were Money No Object?


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