Kevin Nash Tells ESPN Wrestling Died At WrestleMania 20; The Wrestling World Responds

There’s been a TON of talk the past day or so since an interview with Kevin Nash was posted on the ESPN-owned blog, In this interview, Nash made more than a few controversial but the one that really lite a fire under the wrestling world was this:

“When Benoit and Guerrero hugged [at the end of WrestleMania XX], that was the end of the business,” Nash says. “Has business been the same since that WrestleMania? Has it come close to the Austin era? Has it come close to the nWo or the Hogan era? You put two fucking guys that were great workers that were the same height as the fucking referees, and I’m sorry, man. Are you going to watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch dick? Even if you’re not gay, you will not watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch dick. That’s not the standard in porno films. So you put a 5-foot-7 guy as your world champion.”

Continuing to say about current stars WWE Champion CM Punk and Daniel Bryan:

“They are not bigger than life,” he says. “I bet they could both walk through airports and not be noticed unless they have a gimmick shirt on and the belt.”

Obviously this is only one man’s opinion and one that he is absolutely entitled to. But a few other members of the wrestling community weighed in on the subject Wednesday.

WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper wrote on his Twitter:

“I love all the real deal boys in biz. Fact, I’m one of the smallest. Fact I out drew almost everyone. Fact,Without ALL the boys, I’m nothing.”

Another WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross addressed the comments on his blog at

“I’m an old school guy who thinks that wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes and that the final, final decree on how well said talents produce is ultimately left up to the consumer aka the fans.”

“Lots of sub six feet tall athletes have been huge box office draws in the biz over the years. There are too many to mention here.”

“Several big men who have migrated into the pro wrestling world simply because of their size have failed. Some haven’t. Kevin Nash was and still is very successful. He’s made a lot of money and he’s saved it. Smart guy. Out of the entire Grantland piece the thing that I felt was most compelling for today’s wrestlers, rookies, wannabe’s, etc, is that Kevin Nash made big money and he took care of it.”

“Nash is a brilliant guy…love him or hate him. He’s a survivor and by any means necessary which at times doesn’t sit well with some people.”

“I helped give Kevin one of his first breaks while we were both in Atlanta in the early 90’s when WCW management, and I use that term loosely, did not know what to do with an athletic, 7 footer who could talk and who had a great look. When management heard Kev in on my WSB Radio show it opened their eyes to what they potentially had.”

“No, I don’t agree with Kevin on his smaller wrestlers theory as I like all that have true talent. But I do defend his right to express himself and chuckle at the ability that he has to manipulate fans and peers alike in 140 characters or less.”

The only person Nash seemed to take offense to or bother responding to is current WWE star and former WWE & World Champion, Chris Jericho.

Jericho wrote on Twitter:

“Funny how @realkevinnash says wrestling ‘died’ when Benoit and Guerrero were champs-Yet the worst year for WWE biz was 95 when he was on top”

To which Nash quipped:

“Once again the puppet master pulls the marks strings .Knew Jericho was a closet mark.First one eliminated on a bulls–t sing show…REALLY!!”

It was Jericho though with the last word (as of this writing):

“Hope @realkevinnash doesn’t tear his quad tweeting! #typicalbigman#nwothirdwheel”

Quick Quip: There’s a lot more to the Grantland article than just these few quotes and well worth a read. I don’t agree with much Nash had to offer but then again, when was he even known to not try to put himself over?

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