The Stomping Ground: Kelly Floyd Edition (WWE vs Indies)

Good news, everyone! I’m on vacation in Florida this week and since I promised that The Stomping Ground would run uninterrupted as long as I’m with Inside Pulse, I’ve decided to give Kelly Floyd a shot at the action. I’m sure she’ll do a great job replacing me as host, mostly because there’s a distinct lack of tits on this site (unless you’re one of those Jabba-types living in a dank corner of your parents’ basement). Take it away, Kelly!

And try not to leave skidmarks.

It seems that simply adding boobs is a quick-fix for Mike’s…er…uniqueness? So why don’t we try to remove him completely from the equation, and let me ramble on about nothing for a change? No? Oh well, I’m going to do it anyway.

Now, we all love/hate/tolerate/just-need-to-talk-about WWE, but how does the global entertainment company fare against our local favorites? What are the true pros and cons of each, and who would win in a fight? Let’s find out.

Welcome to the first (and likely only) Indy vs WWE Super SlammerFestMania!

Match #1
WWE Universe vs an indy following

I had to open the show with this match. Sure, the WWE Universe is gigantic, with viewers all over the world, whereas indies usually remain fairly local. But it’s not quantity I’m after, it’s quality.

WWE fans more often than not have a loyalty that dates back to single digits. Through each and every change, they were usually right there, buying the merch and ordering PPVs. But what about the PG era? The veteran fans still tune in, still buy t-shirts, still order the big Sunday events. But why? Do they just hold on to the hope that their favorite past time will pick up where it left off? Or is it more superficial than that?

On the flip side, you have those darn indy fans. I’ve observed these eccentric people for a few years, and no two are alike. Each joined the cult following for different reasons, different needs. But what they do share, is passion. These people take responsibility and credit for popular chants, if a wrestler gets over, and ultimately their successes. And rightfully so, most of the time. They aren’t simply a part of the companies; the companies are a part of them.

Winner: Indy following

Match #2
WWE angles vs indy storylines

Now, in this matchup, many different people have many different opinions. It should be difficult to decide a winner. But screw you guys. Get your own column. Love ya!

WWE has had some questionable angles in its esteemed past. Mae Young giving birth to a hand. The anonymous Raw general manager. KERWIN WHITE. These memories still make you cock your head and wonder… But with the bad, comes the good. DX going toe to toe with Mr. McMahon. The crumbling of Evolution. The Undertaker doing…well, almost anything. When they really put their minds to it, WWE was capable of grabbing your face and forcing you to care about anything and everything they did. They’d offer the time, the twists, and the dedication it deserved.

With indies…it’s a little different. You may have a heated rivalry between two wrestlers for weeks and then BOOM. One wrestler’s car breaks down, and he can’t drive the 200 miles to your city for the show, and he’s gone. Suddenly, the wrestler who can make it is targeting someone else. There’s no resolution. And sometimes, you’re given matches based on who was able to show up that night. I’m not condemning them for it…that’s just how it rolls sometimes.

Winner: WWE angles

Your Main Event
Match #3
WWE talent vs indy talent

Now this match is tricky, eh? I mean, a lot of the WWE’s talent swam in indy pools before a contract fell in their laps. But which one, under which contract, is superior?

It would be a damn lie to say that WWE Superstars aren’t talented. They all have different styles, but ultimately have fine-tuned and perfected their craft. These men (and some women) have had a lot of practice and time to see what works and what doesn’t. And if they lack a little in the ring, they make up for it on the mic. There’s always something that keeps that person employed. But you have to factor in the long work days, the constant traveling, and general wear and tear. How many are capable of tearing the house down, but know that their name on the card is enough to keep the fans happy?

The indies, on the other hand, are the yin to that yang. Their skills (or sometimes their lack thereof) hides in the shadow of their passion. These are men who will work for almost nothing in order to do what they love, and that trait in itself sucks fans in. Sure, they’d love to make it to the WWE, but when it comes down to it, they’re happy. Need to dive into a bathtub of ice in the morning? “No big deal, the crowd has never chanted that loudly for me!” Though most are just as talented as anyone else I’ve seen on TV, it’s truly their heart that takes center stage.

Winner: The fans.

Of course, my local indy company (Future Stars of Wrestling) has become my steady boyfriend. You could say they dragged me away from WWE due to an affair of the heart. I know where my loyalty lies, but I can’t deny the empire that WWE has built. Nor can I deny that they sparked the initial attraction. But I can say that FSW is the only company I’m making sandwiches for and bringing beers to. But that’s just me.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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