Marvel Announces New Avengers Assemble Creative Team For November

It’s not exactly news that Brian Bendis is on his way out of the Avengers line at Marvel, he announced it last year, and with the Marvel NOW! announcements we know that the core existing Avengers titles will be left in the hands of Jonathan Hickman, while the new flagship book will be given to Rick Remender. What this didn’t answer, however, is what would happen to the book shamelessly featuring the movie roster, Avengers Assemble. The book was launched several months ago so that when The Avengers hit theaters, fans could go into a comic shop and see a fresh number one issue with the cast of the biggest movie of the year all on the cover. Despite that members such as The Hulk haven’t exactly been Avengers material in the books.

So the question arose among fans…what do you do with this book? Do you cancel it? Do you let Bendis keep it? Do you give it to Mark Waid? There was a wide range of ways Marvel could take things, but I have to say, I support the decision they made.

Starting with number eight in November, Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel) and Stefano Caselli (Avengers: The Initiative, Secret Warriors, Hack/Slash) will be taking over the book. Two interesting things to note though, the first is the presence of Spider-Woman in a book that has featured the movie roster and characters that we know will be featured in future movies. Does this mean that Jessica Drew is going to be Marvel’s answer to not being able to put Spider-Man in their Avengers movies? Or is Kelly Sue just as big of a fan as Brian was? The other thing worth noting is that…well, look at the bottom. Every other cover teaser Marvel has rolled out in the past month has had the Marvel NOW! logos and heading. So does that mean that Marvel NOW! as a concept only refers to books getting the relaunch, and not just their entire line?

Either way, the Avengers line has been long in need of fresh blood, and it looks like I’ll be reading all four of the announced books.

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