10 Thoughts on WWE Friday Night SmackDown! – 8.10.12 – Booker In Charge, World Heavyweight Championship, Cesaro vs. Christian, AW Gone, Ryback Feeds More

I promise I was going to do last week’s Friday Night SmackDown and this week’s TNA Impact, but… someone had to delete it before I got to watch on both occasions.  Spoiled by the DVR.  Anyways, I caught this show before it was deleted so here we go…

1.  Not a bad opening segment involving Sheamus, del Rio, and Booker.  I’m really getting into Booker as the new GM.  He is obviously a face GM, but he doesn’t let the face superstars run amok like Teddy would.  Kudos.

2.  Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes.  Ironically we had Cody Rhodes wearing a clear mask to hide his ‘scarred’ face last year, and now he’s trying to unmask Sin Cara because there is ‘nothing spectacular’ under his mask.  It’s interesting to see how Cody has moved absolutely nowhere in the last two years.  He has so much promise, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if he never moved up past the point of making guys like Sin Cara look good.

3.  Interesting things are going on between Jinder Mahal and Ryback but why is it Jinder Mahal inserted here?  Why bother putting a guy who’s biggest feud was with The Great Khali into Ryback’s first real feud?  Most people probably don’t even know who Jinder Mahal is, but he’s decided to one-up Ryback?  Just kind of ridiculous.  Anyways it’s just a matter of time before Ryback FEEDS on Jinder.

4.  Dolph gets the best of Jericho this week but they act as if these two men are feuding at SummerSlam, but Jericho’s band will be touring by then as they’ll be in Missouri on the 19th.  His last date is supposed to be the 14th (this Tuesday) so how will they write him out and who will Dolph fight at SummerSlam?

5.  Match of the night goes to Christian vs. Antonio Cesaro.  Cesaro is impressing me more and more and I’m interested to see where he goes from here.  Christian needed the win as he’s a former World Champion and has been on a losing streak as of late.  Cesaro comes off looking fierce as he assaults Christian post-match and Christian gets a much needed win to stay relevant.

6.  The Prime Time Players defeat The Colons thanks to a DQ when the ingenious AW threw water on the tag team champs provoking them as they jumped him and the PTP.  It’s too bad that AW has now been terminated as I always enjoyed him as a male manager as we just don’t have them anymore.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens to the PTP now that they are no longer under the guidance of AW.  Hopefully they won’t suffer as a result.

7.  Next week there will be a match between Kaitlyn and Eve in order to become the assistant to SmackDown GM Booker T.  Obviously it will be Eve who wins as no one would really care if Kaitlyn were the assistant as she offers no real intrigue to the position.

8.  Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz.  These are both two men that have been pointlessly wandering through the mid-card since their returns as Miz won the I-C title and then has done nothing and Rey has fought a little with del Rio and then not feuded with him because del Rio moved on to bigger and better things.  Rey rolling up Miz wasn’t a big surprise.

9.  Daniel Bryan and Kane heats up as Kane attacks Bryan.  It would be interesting to see AJ continue to use Kane as her enforcer.  This would continue on past the feud with Bryan and she could use him to continue taking care of her business and manhandling anyone who tries to talk down to her.

10.  The main event doesn’t even start as del Rio uses some thugs to help him attack Sheamus.  This is why I think del Rio would do well with a faction.  He’s already a whiny, cowardly heel who uses evil tactics to get the upper hand so why not throw some guys with him?  Plus it’d give those guys something to do.

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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