CB’s Slant: TNA Hardcore Justice PPV Final Card and Snapshot Thoughts – Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode, Aces and 8s, BFG Series

Below is the final card for tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice PPV (Sunday 8/12/12), along with my snapshot thoughts on Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, Aces and 8s, the 20-point BFG Series matches, and more:

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries

CB’s Slant: The big stipulation here is that there will not be any kind of rematch, regardless of who wins. This leads me to think that Austin Aries will put on a wrestling clinic throughout this match and then get screwed out of the championship by Aces and 8s, who we will find out were working with Bobby Roode the entire time. (The previous attack on Roode was staged to get people off Roode’s back.) This would also be a logical conclusion because it sets the stage for a Storm vs. Roode rematch they’ve been trying to get to over the past year, with Storm having extra incentive to win the BFG Series since Roode just put him through the ringer when Bobby was in charge of Aces and 8s the whole time.

Now, if I am wrong and Aries does happen to win here and retain the title, then I think Aces and 8s will still come down and beat up Aries at Roode’s behest. This will then lead Aries to want to fight Roode in a revenge-fueled rematch, thereby negating the “no rematches” stipulation because of the whole “it’s not business, it’s personal” mantra. But, I digress…

Winner: Bobby Roode

LADDER MATCH: AJ Styles vs Kurt Angle vs Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe

CB’s Slant: This should be the match of the night, with four guys who are just damn good in that ring. I really hope the Clare Lynch stuff is kept to a minimum and that the wrestling is what we remember from this one. I think Joe takes this one while the other three get too embroiled in their own little side saga.

Winner: Samoa Joe

TABLES MATCH: Jeff Hardy vs James Storm vs Bully Ray vs Robbie E

CB’s Slant: Aces and 8s will likely get involved here (before interrupting the end of the main event as well) to make good on their promise of “targeting” Bully Ray. I think Storm wins the match WITH Aces and 8s’ help, setting the stage for the big swerve at the end of the night.

Winner: James Storm

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Mr. Anderson vs Rob Van Dam vs The Pope vs Magnus

CB’s Slant: I forgot about this match, and honestly have no opinion on it. I like Magnus and Pope enough over Anderson and RVD though, so I hope one of them win. But…

Winner: Mr. Anderson

KNOCKOUTS TITLE MATCH: Madison Rayne vs. Miss Tessmacher

CB’s Slant: Oh, Earl.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Kid Kash and Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

CB’s Slant: Remember when Gunner was being pushed? Didn’t think so.

Winners: Chavo and Hernandez

X-DIVISION TITLE MATCH: Kenny King vs. Zema Ion

CB’s Slant: I would love to see Jesse Sorensen’s mom come out and cost Zema Ion the match via the GUILT TRIP OF DOOM. Or, you know, just let the ROH guy win.

Winner: Kenny King

What do you think will happen at TNA Hardcore Justice? Sound off in the comments section below!

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