Inside Pulse’s TNA Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice 2012 Live Coverage Report

Inside Pulse’s TNA Impact Wrestling Hardcore Justice 2012 Live Coverage Report. Keep it here for match by match updates, with the latest update in ITALICS.

Tenay & Tazz welcome us, and run down the matches for tonight…I already wish JB was on color.

Kid Kash & Gunner vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
Chavo has some early offense, hitting the Three Amigos early, but the heels take over and keep him down in their corner. Kash locks in the Camel Clutch, but Chavo gets out of it with the Electric Chair. Chavo is stopped trying to get to Hernandez. Kash continues to beat Chavo down, sends him into the corner, however Chavo runs up the turnbuckle, and flips over Kash. Chavo gets to Hernandez, and he’s a house of fire. Hernandez cleans house, and sends Gunner to the floor. Hernandez with a suicide dive over the top on Gunner, and Chavo tags Hernandez as he flies by. Hernandez hits a slingshot shoulderblock on Kash in the ring, and Chavo hits the Frog Splash for the pinfall.
Winners – Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

There is a promo focusing on all 12 members of the Bound For Glory Series.

Rob Van Dam vs. The Pope vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson – Falls Count Anywhere (20 Bound For Glory Series Points on the line)
Pope’s music starts to play, but he does not come out. They cut backstage and they show Aces & 8’s beating him down, and slamming his shoulder into a doorway. It looks like we have a 3-way match now. RVD poses in the corner, and Magnus tosses him off. The fight mostly takes place out of the ring. RVD goes for the leg drop from the apron to the rail on Anderson, but Magnus shoves him off, and RVD gets his jaw jacked. Anderson & Magnus fight up the ramp, and RVD slaps Magnus with a chair. RVD then leg drops Anderson off the ramp. Magnus comes up from behind RVD and chop blocks him, and locks on a Texas Cloverleaf. Anderson breaks it up. Anderson and RVD fight back to the ring, and RVD hits the 5 Star. RVD & Magnus fight back up the ramp, and Magnus goes to hit RVD with a chair, but RVD dodges it, gets the chair away from Magnus, and then hits the Van Daminator for the pin on the ramp.
Winner of 20 BFGS Points – RVD

JB is with Madison Rayne. Rayne says that shes a multi-time Knockouts & Knockouts Tag Champ, and does not need help from a ref to win…she then gives a shout out to Earl Hebner.

Devon (c) vs. Kazarian – TNA TV Championship
This match comes from the Tag Team Title match on Impact. Kaz is playing chicken, but eventually Devon gets to him. Kaz fights back, and hits his springboard spinning leg drop for 2. Devon with a hangman’s neckbreaker for 2. Kaz goes for the Fade to Black, but Devon rolls through it, and hits his big time Spinebuster for the pin.
Winner & Still Champion – Devon

Recap of Madison/Hebner.

Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Madison Rayne – TNA Knockouts Championship
Earl Hebner is the ref, shockingly. Tess starts out strong. There is no foul play early on from Hebner. Rayne on the apron, runs Tess’s head first in to the turnbuckle. Rayne then hits this scissors stomp for 2, and she is upset that Hebner didn’t count faster. Tess reacts to the distraction with a jaw breaker. Tess hits a X-Factor from the turnbuckle, and follows it up with an elbow drop from the top rope! Rayne gets her foot on the ropes during the pin, but Tess doesn’t see it. Tess is complaining, calling out Hebner’s relationship, and Rayne rolls up Tess, and holds the ropes for the pin.
Winner and New Champion – Madison Rayne

JB is with Bully Ray. Bully keeps his back against the wall so no one jumps. He says if Aces & 8’s wants to find him, he’ll be in the ring picking up 20 points.

Recap of the Aces & 8’s storyline.

Robbie E vs. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm – Tables Match (20 Bound For Glory Series Points on the line)
Robbie tries to get in everyones face, but they all slap him silly. Bully takes control of the match early. Bully talks Robbie into sending him a table, and then Bully tosses Robbie back out of the ring. Storm & Hardy double team Bully, and go to hit a double suplex through the table, but the table is moved. Bully breaks the corner, but it is ruled that the match will continue. Robbie back in the ring, and he actually cleans house! Robbie lays Hardy on a table, and goes to top rope. Robbie takes too long, and Storm catches him, Hardy comes over, and they both hit Robbie with a Tower of Doom, but Bully moved the table. Hardy lays Robbie on a table on the outside, and Robbie T comes down. Hardy jumps on Robbie T, and Robbie E lays Hardy on the table again. Robbie E goes on the apron and tries to hit an elbow drop through the table on Hardy, but Hardy moves, and Robbie E goes through the table. Back in the ring, Bully & Storm square off. Bully lays Storm out in front of a propped up table. Bully lines up to put Storm through the table, but Aces & 8’s shows up. Bully is distracted, and Storm hits a Last Calls. Aces & 8’s then give Storm the thumbs up, and back away from Storm. Although it is perfectly clear that they are playing Storm, Tenay starts to accuse Storm of being behind Aces & 8’s. Storm goes for the Last Call, and turns it into the Twist of Fate. Hardy lays Storm on the table, but Aces & 8’s comes back, and Hardy is distracted enough to get a Last Call. Bully sneaks in, takes out Storm with a boot, and then Power Bombs Hardy though a table for the win.
Winner of 20 BFGS Points – Bully Ray

JB says security still has no idea where Aces & 8’s are coming from, and that they are no where to be found. JB then brings in Austin Aries. They talk about how there is no rematch clause for tonight’s match.

Zema Ion (c) vs. Kenny King – TNA X-Division Championship
The crowd is hot for King. Back and forth for quite a while. King sends Zema to the floor, and hits a twisting splash from the ring to the floor. King with a huge springboard taking out Zema for 2. King locks on a Single-Legged Crab for 2. Zema gets out, and hits a move sending King’s face to his knee for 2. Zema goes to the top, and King blocks him. Both men back to the ring, and King hits a dropkick for 2. Zema with the hairspray, and the ref tries to take it away, and King rolls up Zema for 2. Zema in the corner, King charges, but Zema gets him into a Gory Buster for the pin.
Winner and Still Champion – Zema Ion

JB is with Samoa Joe. Joe says that he will seal his spot in the Final 4. Joe says that he isn’t worried about Aces & 8’s, because no war is won on 2 fronts, and if Aces & 8’s start with him, the war will go until one of them isn’t around anymore.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Kurt Angle vs. Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe – Ladder Match (20 Bound For Glory Series Points on the line)
AJ attacks Daniels to start the match. Angle & Joe join in to take out Daniels. Joe then roughs up AJ & Angle. Daniels enters back in the ring, and tosses Joe to the floor. Daniels goes to jump on Joe, but Joe catches him, and AJ jumps on both. Back in the ring, Daniels corners Joe with a ladder, and charges, but Joe catches him again, and slams him on a ladder. Joe goes up the ladder, but AJ takes him down. AJ sends Joe to the floor. Angle takes out AJ, Daniels takes Angle. Daniels goes up the ladder, but Joe is back in and grabs him off the ladder by power bombing him into the corner. Angle in, hits a Belly to Belly on Joe, and the crowd breaks into a USA chant. The match turns into chaos. Joe goes for a M.U.S.C.L.E. Buster on AJ, but Angle hits a sloppy German, while AJ is still on Joe’s shoulders. AJ goes up and ladder, and Daniels shoves the ladder over, and AJ hits the floor hard. Angle & Joe get in the ring, and they go suplex for suplex on Daniels. They then set up a ladder, and trap Daniels in it. Both Joe & Angle go up the ladder, but AJ flies in at the last second via springboard, lands on the top rungs of the ladder and snags the clipboard for the win.
Winner of 20 BFGS Points – AJ Styles

JB is with Bobby Roode. He says that Aries win was a fluke.

Austin Aries (c) vs. Bobby Roode – TNA Heavyweight Championship
They go face to face to start, and Roode is taunting Aries. Aries spits a mouthful of water right in Roode’s face, payback from Thursday. Roode gets out of the ring and tries to bide some time. Roode gets back in, and Aries locks on the Lasy Chancery. Roode able to get to the ropes and stays outside the ring again. Roode goes back in, and Aries grabs him and calls for the Brainbuster. Roode slides out, and again gets to the floor. Roode goes to walk away, but slides back in the ring at the 9 count. Aries then sends Roode to the floor, and then Aries flies out on him. Back in the ring, Aries tries it again, but Roode dodges him, and Aries hits the ring barrier. Roode takes complete control, sending Roode to the steel steps. Aries goes for the a Crucifix in the ring, but Roode holds on, gets him on his shoulders, and sends him into a Gutbuster for 2. Roode continues to control the match, with a Power Slam into the turnbuckle, followed by locking in the Tree of Woe. Aries is able to fight out of the Tree, and hits a form of the Stunner. Both men slow to get up, and Aries is the first to get some offense, with a 5 count punch in the corner, and a drop kick. Roode slides to the floor, and Aries goes for a suicide dive, but Roode moves, and Aries is able to stop himself. Roode keeps his back turned, and Aries leaps off the top turnbuckle with a double axe handle to Roode on the floor. Back in the ring, Aries locks in the Last Chancery again. Roode rakes the eyes to get out of the hold, only for Aries to lock in the Crossface. Roode gets out, and locks in the Crossface himself. Aries gets out, lights up, and hits a huge drop kick. Aries then calls for the Brianbuster, but Roode quickly turns it into a big time Spinebuster for 2. Roode gets Aries on the turnbuckle, Roode goes for the SuperPlex, but Aries blocks it and hits a Drum Punch, sending Roode to the mat. Aries goes for the 450 Splash, but Roode gets his knees up. Roode calls for a spear, but Aries moves and Roode takes out the ref. Another ref is in. Roode goes for the Pay Off, Austin floats over, goes for the Brianbuster, but Roode runs him into the corner, smashing the 2nd ref in there. Aries with a kick to the head of Roode, and finally hits the Brianbuster, but the first ref is slow to get to the count, and Roode is able to kick out. Aries goes up for another 450, but Roode crotches him, then goes up for the SuperPlex. After landing both men’s shoulders are down, and their legs are locked, but refs count to 3, and we have both refs calling for a different winner. After a few minutes of debating who won, Senior Official Earl Hebner comes out and calls for the match to restart. Roode has the title in his hands, and Aries dives at him, only to get all of the belt to his head. Roode rolls Aries back in, but only gets a 2 count. Roode is complaining about a slow count, and Aries sneaks up on him and rolls him up for the win.
Winner and Still Champion – Austin Aries

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