Harrak’s Quick Quips: TNA Hardcore Justice 2012


– Chavo/Hernandez v Kash/Gunner opening Hardcore Justice. Awesome, so its cool that I don’t tune in until 8:30 right?

– Let’s do a little predicting before the PPV begins: Gunner/Kash v Chavo/Hernadez. No way Chavo loses his debut on PPV.

– Kenny King v Zema Ion for X-title: I think they feel King has been in the company long enough. New X champion.

– Rumored match: Devon v Kaz for TV title. Devon for whatever reason maybe a chance for TNA show good faith w/his contract.

– Tessmacher v Madison Rayne for KO title: should be Tess but w/the time they’ve given Rayne & Hebner, I’m picking Rayne.

– Anderson/RVD/Pope/Magnus: want to say Magnus for a surprise victory but safest bet is Anderson.

– Hardy/Storm/Bully/Robbie: Storm sits on top the leaderboard but he NEEDS to chase. Look for a Hardy win.

– Styles/Angle/Daniels/Joe: Joe is the forgotten story despite sitting at #2 in the rankings. He’s my pick.

– Roode v Aries: with the new rematch clause, look for Roode to steal one to set up Roode vs Storm at Bound For Glory.

– I dont mind this feud. I mean, what else are you going to do with Chavo?!

– Nice Aces and 8s appearance to get rid of a guy no one believed would win anyway.

– RVD winning that match really did nothing for me or the BFG series. Hes been stale for years & really shouldn’t be in the title picture.

– Here’s our “bonus” match for the evening. Yay…

– That was a time killer if I ever saw one. TV title has become worthless once again.

– I think we all saw that finish a mile away. Too bad because Tess has turned into a pretty good face.

– Loved that promo from Bully Ray & love that Aces & 8s are targeting heels as well.

– Bully Ray trying to get back on Robbie E’s good side was fantastic.

– I’d love to know who in TNA thought Robbie E was the best person to put into the BFG series…

– Great series of finishes leading to a Bully Ray win. He should absolutely be in the final 4.

– The interaction w/Twitter & Facebook constantly may be annoying but it allows the workers to do their jobs w/o a script.

– I miss the old X-Division…

– SERIOUSLY?! What do people see in Zema Ion?!!!

– Samoa Joe’s revitalized promos have me excited. God does TNA need a motivated Joe.

– For some reason, these gimmick matches really don’t feel special. And that’s really not good.

– Sorry Impact Zone but this is not “awesome”.

– Poor Daniels. No seriously, a regular suplex hurts enough and those were NOT regular suplexes.

– Now that was a hell of an athletic finish. Holy crap!

– The main event is starting a quarter after 10pm? Either it’s an epic main event or a huge angle planned.

– Anyone else feel like this PPV is missing something? Like that it doesn’t feel special at all? I’m actually getting drowsy.

– Oh come on! A double pin?! And all because we have another PPV before Bound For Glory.

– Well now, TNA I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING AT ALL! Amazing false and actual finish. Great work all around!

– Overall a lackluster PPV that was saved by a very strong finish to the main event. Besides that, nothing worth going out of your way for.

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