Green Lantern Spoilers: What Is Hal Jordan’s Destiny?

Anybody remember the Book of the Black? It was to the Black Lantern Corps was the Book of Oa was to the Green Lantern Corps. The history, the story, the prophecies for the future. It contained everything one would need to know if their needs consisted of bringing about the Blackest Night. Sinestro had the book in his secret headquarters under Korugar ever since reclaiming it several issues ago, and last issue ended with him and Hal opening it only to be transported to Black Hand.


This entire issue Black Hand is trying to glance into the book, and the reader is treated to teasers of the last page reveal. It all starts with Black Hand showing Hal, Sinestro, and the reader that the book keeps reprinting the same words over and over again.

“Hal Jordan is not the enemy.”


As the issue continues the message changes. The Green Lantern logo changes to a Black Lantern logo, and the message changes, finally being revealed to end the issue.

“Hal Jordan will be the greatest Black Lantern.”


So is that going to be Hal’s place during the Third Army? Leading the Black Lanterns into battle as one of their warriors? Who is going to kill him? When will it happen? In the upcoming Annual, maybe? Ethan Van Sciver only draws Green Lantern when something big happens, after all.

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