10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling! – 8.17.12 – Storm in Charge of Aces and Eights?, Former Diva Debuts, Styles vs. Daniels, Ray vs. Jeff Hardy, New Knockout Champion

Well the Olympics apparently deleted my recording of TNA last week so we did not have a 10 Thoughts on that.  My apologies… now on to the show.

1.  The opening segment by Austin Aries was fantastic as he establishes himself as TNA’s face.  This is a promo that CM Punk should be preaching as he is the WWE Champion with a similar (albeit heel) persona.

2.  I really liked the Aces and Eights appearance during the opening segment.  Apparently the head honcho of the group is using a voice modifier and they appear on the screen in a sketchy location so it’s interesting.

3.  Magnus vs. Samoa Joe. Two former teammates going at it and I’m always surprised by Magnus as he’s a great promo man and underrated in the ring.  Granted he was against Joe so it’s easy to look good against the monster Samoa Joe.  And a nice cradle by Samoa Joe to win as he wasn’t depending on the submission finish as he has been in previous weeks.

4.  AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels.  Speaking of former teammates going at it, here’s another occasion.  Daniels have been enemies about as often as they have been foes, but tonight there were a lot of stakes.  If AJ lost, he would accept responsibility for Claire’s child, but, if he won, AJ would take a paternity test.  Why he wouldn’t just take one of those anyways is beyond me.  Anyways, AJ wins the match and will take the paternity test.

5.  Bobby Roode lays down the mic in the ring as he’s frustrated with no more Heavyweight title shots and no real direction.  Is this a sign of him going off of the reserve for awhile?  I’m sure there are a few people who wouldn’t be sad to see him go.

6.  So we now have Tiffany here as an referee (for the time being) and she’s an interesting addition to the roster that has lost a few key people in it.  She’s not the greatest wrestler but she can talk and let’s face it… she’s hot and that’s all that has ever mattered in women’s wrestling.  Oh and in case you missed it, Brooke Hogan busted hers as Tiffany came out.

7.  Just like that, Miss Tessmacher is now Knockouts champion again and Madison Rayne has probably one of the shortest reigns as Knockouts champion ever.

8.  Jeff Hardy defeats Bully Ray.  Not too bad a match but the end is what was truly important.  The Aces and Eights attacked during the match to distract Bully which lead to his downfall.  Then the top guys on the roster ran out and chased the two Aces and Eights guys out of the ring.  Once they were gone James Storm accidentally superkicked Jeff Hardy.  The remaining Ace and Eights guys applauded James Storm and then mugged him.

9.  After weeks of acting as if James Storm was behind it all, they finally pulled the plug on revealing he had nothing to do with it at all. (Or so it seems.)  That leads me to think that the reveal of the mastermind behind the whole operation (I think Jeff Jarrett) should either be next week, the following, or at the PPV on the 9th.  How much longer can it go on now?

10.  Overall a great show, the matches were great, the storylines were fair at least, and altogether it kept my attention and makes me want to stay tuned for next week.  TNA really appears to be turning this product around.

Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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