Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 8.16.12 (Austin Aries, James Storm, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy)

– Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries in the ring at the same time? That’s an interesting dynamic.

– Aries really has modified his promo ability to fit a main event style.

– While Samoa Joe and Magnus were a good team, I really wouldn’t consider them one of the best teams TNA has ever had.

– They’re talking like Joe and Magnus teamed for years. Was it even 6 months?

– Magnus just turned heel on Samoa Joe? That just seems awkward.

– While was Earl reffing any Knockouts matches anyway?

– As weird as it was, seeing Bully Ray lead the charge toward Aces & Eights followed by the babyfaces helps sells the threat.

– So Open Fight Night applies to guys not under contract?

– Wow, they are completely attacking “Claire’s” looks, aren’t they?

– If this was still the Vince Russo era, this would completely be a Paternity Test On A Pole match.

– Glad the Daniels can agree to this stipulation without talking to the mother.

– Wouldn’t the fact that Daniels doesn’t want AJ to take a paternity test prove that AJ isn’t the father?

– So maybe this storyline will be over next week!

– Did WWE let their copyrights expire on both the nWo & the Wolfpack? What’s all the “old-school” comments from Sting and Hogan.

– That was a very good finish to the PPV. Definitely didn’t see the full finishing sequence coming.

– Rambling promo from Bobby Roode that all came together at the end. I’m intrigued to see where his character goes from here.

– Hey, its Tiffany!

– I guess if you can’t beat up Drew McIntyre, that qualifies you to referee.

– So what was the point of changing the belt at the PPV? Just to debut a new referee?

– Hasn’t Sting been challenging Aces & Eights every single week? But they waited for Sting to invite them to a 5 on 5 match?

– Ok, Bully Ray incorporating a leg head scissor just to show off his calves is fantastic.

– Very nice way to close out the show. I’m glad they finally revealed that Storm had nothing to do with the attacks. He’s too strong of a babyface for them to hang that cloud over him for too long.

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