Rabblecast #285 WWE’s Trouble With Social Media

WWE has made it a point to expand their reach using social media platforms such as, Twitter, Facebook, and Tout. It is through these “unsupervised” avenues that WWE talent has found themselves in trouble. Two examples specifically being former Cryme Tyme member, JTG speaking out through Twitter and former Prime Time Players manager, Abraham Washington also making an unwelcomed Tweet about Linda McMahon’s Senate run.

Can WWE curb the use of social media to keep their employees from making harmful comments towards the company? Is the threat of termination the only way to get the point across?

TNA recently went through some contract renegotiations. Well now it would seem that they’re dealing with contract expirations. Could Team 3D be returning to the WWE if Dixie Carter and TNA fail to give them a good enough reason to stay? WWE has stated in the past that it doesn’t view TNA as competition. But then why is it that at the recent, Wizard Wolrd Comic convention did WWE block TNA talent from appearing?


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On this week’s show:

  • Kevin Nash against “Vanilla Midgets”.
  • Tara blocked from Wizard World Chicago by WWE
  • WWE holds talent meeting about social media use
  • World Professional Wrestling, Summer Extravaganza IX


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