Big Brother 14 Review – Nurses & NASA Hats

POV #4

When we last left off Danielle put up Frank and Wil even after Wil reminded Danielle she promised he would be safe. When Wil takes the time to ask her why she did it, Danielle begins to cry. Aaaahhh, Danielle you make women look so bad. I hate when girls do something and then just cry so people don’t get mad. Through sobs she says how hard the decision was and she doesn’t want him to “hate” her. At this point I checked to see if my TV had accidentally changed to Degrassi, but nope, these are the words that are being used.

And hence forth, only those pure of heart shall claim this alliance

Ian starts shopping around for an alliance because he feels lonely. He shows interest to Britney and Dan. But before they let him join their alliance with Danielle and Shane, Dan and Britney question his motives. And this was hilarious! They ask, “Are you truly willing to be in an alliance?” They say that being in an alliance requires a lot of heart and work. I was nervous they would finally let him in and there would be some sort of ceremony with hooded robes, chanting music and the spilling of blood.

Eventually Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane and Ian become an alliance called the Quack Pack. Ian chose the name.


Janelle and Dan think it’s time for all the coaches to start working together but Boogie is the only holdout.  When all four coaches get a chance to talk Boogie says he doesn’t trust the coaches and he just “can’t quit Frank.” The coaches think Frank needs to be cut loose but when Boogie asks if Janelle with sacrifice one of her old players she sits silent. And silence speak louder than words. Once Janelle leaves, Dan realizes that all four coaches working together just won’t work. So it’s Dan and Boogie that assemble!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game – POV Competition

The extra players for the POV are Jen (who? Oh right), Shane and Ian.

Players must toss a bean bag into a grid with different numbers. If they land on the lowest number they are out of the game but get a prize. When the next player is out they also get a prize but a choice to swap. That’s right people…IT’S YANKEE SWAP. (Is there a Gif out there of Michael Scott from The Office saying this?). So how did it play out?

Round 1

Eliminated: Shane
Prize: Veto
Switch: He can’t

Round 2

Eliminated: Wil
Prize: Veto ticket (Gets to play in next VETO)
Switch: Trades for real VETO

Round 3

Eliminated: Jen
Prize: Maui Vacation
Switch: She keeps it. (I enjoyed Britney’s super sarcastic congrats to Jen because she works “SO HARD” in the house. Thank you! Someone finally said it!)

Round 4

Eliminated: Ian
Prize: Life as Dog (Have to wear a dog costume, sleep in dog house, and can only roam the house if someone takes your leash.)
Switch: Ian obviously takes the vaca….. what? He keeps the Life as a Dog option? Does Ian got some sort of 50 Shades of Grey thing going on?

Round 5

Wow! Danielle wins! Glad to see a girl stepping up.
Frank’s prize: $5000
Switch: Takes the POV from Wil even though it won’t be long.
Danielle’s Prize: Spirit-tard
Switch: Danielle takes the POV and leaves Frank with the Spirit-tard.

Well I guess Boogie has to work

Boogie needs to save his beloved Frank and does it by suggesting to Danielle to take down a big player. Get rid of Janelle. (Somewhere, a Southern Lady is clutching her pearls at this shocking idea.) And Danielle starts to fall for it, she questions to herself why not take out a huge target. There is a reason Boogie has won before.

And hence forth, only those pure of heart shall claim this alliance (the more important one)

Dan and Danielle seem on board to back-door Janelle but can they really trust Boogie and Frank? Eventually Boogie and Frank implore to Danielle, Dan, Shane, and Britney, if they get rid of Janelle they will be loyal and they should be a final 6! This alliance is called, “The Silent Six.” So where does poor Ian factor into this?

I’m so sorry but I have to put you up

Danielle goes with the backdoor plan and nominates Janelle. And she pretends she is really upset about it. Oh please. I don’t know what’s worse that or Britney’s shocked face.

Eviction #4

Message from Allison: I am sadly living at my parents for the month and there are a few pros and cons about this. Pro: They make me food and drive me to work. Con: The throw away my Big Brother notes in a fit of cleaning. Here is what I can “recall” from Thursday’s Big Brother eviction.

  • Julie’s dress was nice but hair was just too big.
  • We meet Ian and Ashley’s family who actually live a half hour away from each other. Both parents think the two of them could be a cute couple. And one of them thinks they could be a real life Leonard and Penny from Big Bang Theory. I knew it! I knew it! They totally casted these two on purpose to cross promote CBS’s programming. I predict next season a Barney Stinson type character.
  • Janelle is evicted 8 to 1. Ouch, I couldn’t believe Ashley didn’t throw in a pity vote.
  • During Janelle’s exit interview her sociopath personality came out. She was emotionless. It frightened me.
  • Boogie makes the rudest good bye message and Janelle calls him a douche bag. I also learn that you can’t say douche bag on TV.
  • The HOH competition was a sudden death question and answer game and Frank won. I wish someone else would STEP UP! But will Frank and Boogie follow thru the new alliance?

Nominations #5

No man is an island, well except maybe Joe

After the 8 to1 vote to evict Janelle, Joe realizes he is in big trouble and the most obvious target for Frank this week. Joe broods silently because he feels pretty alone and just hates Frank. And right on queue Frank walks in to ask, “How do I prepare those carnitas?” This was so well timed and hilarious because Frank asks the question STILL in the spirit-tard and wearing hipster glasses. Now even though Joe doesn’t like Frank, he still gives Frank practical advice related to carnitas.

Joe tries to see if there is any way to salvage a team with Ashley and Wil. He asks the two why they didn’t tell him how they were voting. It reminded me of the day people at work all wore coloured pants and didn’t tell me. But that’s ok, I am going to have nautical clothing themed day and not tell anyone. Wait?

Anyway, after this conversation is looks like Joe still remains an island.

Search for a Silent Six Sacrifice

Boogie and Frank tease the idea to maybe put up a member of the Silent Six to not cause suspicions. But who would really volunteer for that?  Frank suggests Dan.

Squeeze my lemon – Have/Have Not Competition

The house is separated into two teams dressed up like limes and lemons. But the costumes are very absorbent.

Team Lemon is: Jenn, Shane, Britney, Joe and Danielle.

Team Lime is: Boogie, Ian, Wil, Frank (in place of ‘back-spasm Ashley’), and Dan.

Every player has to dunk themselves into the lemon/lime mixture (How was this NOT sponsored by 7up?) and go back to a station to get squeeze. The excess water is then filtered into bottles. Whichever team can fill up their bottles first, wins. Remember they did the same competition last year but the players were cows getting milked. Here are some highlights from the game. This game is funny to watch because everyone starts to grind on each and body slam to push out all the juice. Well everyone but Joe who remains sitting in the pool. It’s like he was taking a tropical holiday. So it’s team lime that wins because apparently those guys aren’t afraid to grind. Good for you.

“He’s too cocky”

Back to nomination discussion. Joe tells Frank that he should save him and try to get rid of Wil who has lied to everyone. Good try Joe. Later Wil approaches Boogie and Frank and let’s them know if he is nominated, he won’t be mad. Boogie asks who would Wil target next if he is safe? Wil doesn’t give an answer and just smiles saying, “I know there is a large group working together.” In other words, Wil can’t trust anyone which is very true. After this conversion Wil came across very cocky. So now who is the target?

Oh honey, please let’s not rock any boats

Later Frank contemplates wanting to put up Dan. Even though he is in an alliance with Dan, he just doesn’t trust him. I’m with Frank, it would take a lot of therapy to trust someone like Dan who has nominated him two weeks in a row. Boogie warns Frank not to do this because it would put a target back on the two of them. Then Frank starts whining and saying, “But you don’t get it.”

Then it was like these two were a married couple discussing if they should or shouldn’t invite the Petersons to their holiday party.

“I don’t trust Linda, she always cancels plans on me.”
“I know honey but if we do this then we won’t be invited to bridge games anymore.”

Frank doesn’t rock any boats and nominates both Wil and Joe. But will things change after POV?

Other Thoughts:

  • I agree with Ian, a NASA hat is pretty cool.
  • I enjoyed Frank, Shane and Ian’s discussion on the babes of the Big Brother house. Mostly, I enjoyed how excited Ian looked to be a part of some ‘Bro Talk.’
  • Oh Danielle, if only you could watch Bachelor Pad and realize you are the Jamie of your showand Shane is your Chris. (Keep reading Jill’s blog to get the reference) Some advice to ladies. MEN NEVER PLAY HARD TO GET! If they want, they get it.
  • Boogie solved the mystery of Danielle and figures out she’s really a nurse. Again, you can’t deny this guy isn’t smart.
  • Even as Ashley has back spasms. She is STILL not interesting.


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