Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Summerslam (CM Punk, John Cena, Big Show, Triple H, Brock Lesnar)

– Time for the biggest “party” of the summer!

– Antonio Cesaro should be mins away from his first taste of WWE gold.

– Though I don’t think the European title idea holds much weight, mainly cause that title never meant much.

– New United States champion, Antonio Cesaro. He should be able to do a good amount w/the belt.

– Brock Lesnar vs Triple H is now No DQ. I thought that was implied weeks ago.

– 2 WWE HOFers are backstage at Summerslam. Here’s a hint: they were both involved in the “shove heard around the world”.

– Anyone else see the video of CM Punk and the “Brock Lesnar-fan”? It’s well worth a YouTube search.

– Well I guess MY prediction for the World Heavyweight Championship isn’t happening tonight.

– No more “Best In The World” tights for Jericho but the Y2J 2012 tights do resemble something like a classic band on tour would design.

– Ouch, sometimes Dolph Ziggler’s overselling is going to bite him in his glittery ass.

– Now THAT was a GREAT way to kick off a big show. Jericho’s career (complete w/time off) should be a model for all future stars. He’s still performing at a very high level and seems to really enjoy working with younger talent.

– And here’s your bathroom break match of the night. Oh no wait, there’s a tag match & concert still to come.

– All Daniel Bryan had to do was shake his head a little and it absolutely incited an entire LA arena. Incredible!

– Really Josh Mathews? Now was the best time to interview Kane?

– I guess since Mysterio missed WrestleMania he had to wear his Batman gear at some point!

– And look! The Miz got the memo too and brought along his WrestleMania balloons!

– “Out quicken-ing”, Jerry? Wow…

– Another VERY good match. Even the Bryan/Kane match wasn’t cringe-worthy. So far, so good.

– Convenient that there was a camera set up in the GM’s office. Also, LOVE the crystal skull touch to AJ’s business suit. I’ve been saying for weeks that she needed something like that to help her stand out from all the other female authority figures there have been.

– World Title match is up next. How many people think we’ll see a MitB cash in tonight?

– The black tights on Alberto Del Rio look much better than the gold or white. Still bored with his character though.

– Uh oh, exposed turnbuckle spot. Really hope this isn’t foreshadowing a Del Rio championship victory.

– Weird reaction for the Sheamus win, even under those circumstances. Guess LA is “Del Rio country”.

– Kofi and R-Truth FINALLY having matching gear does not bode well for the Primetime Players.

– If WWE is really serious about their tag division, they really need to get out of the “WWE tag team match” formula.

– With the WWE Title match up next, I fully believe that CM Punk will beatdown Triple H at the end of the night.

– Sheamus-beard and pink gear for Punk tonight. Interesting combination.

– CM Punk looks like he’s trying to join the Hart Foundation.

– Holy crap, Punk almost did have Show up for the GTS!

– So soon, Big Show will be eliminated by Punk & Cena. Then we will be able to have a REAL match.

– Usually LA is a VERY pro-Cena crowd. It’s really bad when your “go to” towns start booing you.

– I have to admit, the dynamic of the minuscule AJ wielding all this power, among all of these giants is pretty fun to watch.

– This reign & character changes Punk has been through during the last 9 months are really starting to become rather prolific.

– Fully expect a new WWE title belt now either tomorrow night or at Night of Champions.

– Looks like Fred Durst didn’t get the TV-PG memo.

– Love that David Arquette had a WCW title with his own name on it.


– I admit, I’m a fan of Kevin Rudolf’s 2 albums but DAMN does he suck live!

– Maybe that’s not really Rudolf. He does kinda look like he ate the real Kevin Rudolf.

– Only WWE Divas who know how to dance should be allowed on stage during these concerts.

– They’re giving Triple H & Brock Lesnar around 40 minutes. When was the last time Lesnar wrestled an actual, full match?

– Nice UFC style intros. It’s a good thing Triple H & Vince don’t see UFC as similar or a threat at all.

– After the gloves, I was worried Lesnar was going to drop his shorts to his wrestling tights.

– Anyone feel letdown yet?

– Very interesting how they brought in the diverticulitis Lesnar suffers from. But if Triple H wins, is Lesnar a monster anymore?

– Not a great match by any means but at least the right guy won while still keeping HHH strong.

– A better show than I think most people expected but the main event was a complete killer & the retirement angle did nothing to help it.

– This night started feeling like a Summerslam & ended feeling like a Capital Punishment.

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