Wednesday Comments – Cameron Chase Needs Her Own TV Show

For years now I’ve been offering up ideas on how DC could expand their properties beyond the page. Like literally for years, I’ve been taking up space here on Comics Nexus pitching ideas out to DC. A little over a year ago I wrote up two random pitches and earlier this year I tossed out a Legion of Super-Heroes video game.

I really don’t see why DC properties aren’t being exploited across a variety of mediums. It frustrates me.

But since Arrow is on the television horizon I’m given hope that things will get better. DC really seems to excel at the small screen and I think that’s where they should focus their attention.

Which brings me to what I think DC’s next show should be; Chase.

I’m a longtime fan of Agent Cameron Chase. I’ve got her debut appearance in Batman #550. I actually have her entire series sitting around waiting to be revisited. I even enjoyed her storyline in the Secret Files and Origins. I loved when she showed up in Manhunter. She’s also been popping up in DC’s New 52 Batwoman series recently. I’m a fan of Cam.

There’s a few reasons why I think that Chase would make a viable television show. First off, the title, Chase, is just awesome. It refers to her name and to what she does. It’s one of those catchy titles that networks love.

But beyond that Chase would be a great show because it’d be a subtle DCU show. Say you didn’t want to jump right into the whole masks and capes aspect of the show? With Chase you could easily just have a procedural where she hunts after criminals like Zsasz or Deadshot or the KGBeast; characters who are more street level criminals.

From there you can graduate into more super villain-esque villains like Clayface. Maybe the show gets a bit of an X-Files gloss to it, with a creep of the week. And DC has plenty of characters that won’t be tied up with Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman.

For instance for me the Clock King story in Chase #4 would make a perfect episode.

Another awesome thing about a Chase tv show is that, given the freak of the week format, you could easily set up backdoor pilots for other shows. For instance, say Chase goes to Opal working on a cold case about The Shade. She encounters the O’Dares and Jack Knight who vigorously defend Shade and eventually decides to let sleeping dogs lie.

But in that episode, you completely set up the dynamic of Opal and it’s characters and their relationships. You’ve effectively created a pilot for a show about Shade, Opal, Jack or the O’Dares. And a show about Chase has the ability to do that multiple times a year.

You can also have create a mythology for Chase involving Director Bones, Doctor Trap and even the stuff with the Justice Experience.

I’m telling you, this show would have legs.

Again, I’m not really in a position to make this pitch to the people who could actually make it happen. But maybe one day, DC will see fit to exploit my ideas of exploiting their characters.

Alright, that’s it. It’s over. It’s Wednesday go and get some comics.

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