Whether He Likes It Or Not, Jon Jones Has Become MMA’s Newest Bad Guy

The more successful and popular he’s become, the louder the people who actively dislike Jon Jones have become. Before he became the #1 light heavyweight in the world with a series of one sided beatings Jon Jones was a guy everyone loved because he wasn’t the man quite yet. He was still a puppy dog, so to speak, learning his craft but being the guy you could marvel at as a ‘future world champion’ before the masses embraced him.

It was like finding a band that yet to become famous who you really liked.

You know all their songs and go to their shows but they aren’t playing the arenas quite yet. It’s a badge of honor to be a fan among the masses as it’s one of those instantly bonding moments with other music nuts. And then something big happens and they become massive; instead of clubs they’re headlining arenas, everyone you know has their latest album and it’s suddenly en vogue to be a fan of this band. Suddenly it’s not ok for many fans to still like this band; they jump off the bandwagon and now have no problems insulting them.

Jon Jones knows all about this kind of situation. He used to be the favorite of many fans because we all wanted to be there when he won his first world title. We wanted to be that fan who watched him beat Andre Gusmao, a short notice fight that was meant to showcase Gusmao and ended up introducing the world to the man known as “Bones.” As he rose up the ranks he developed a following like an indie band that self-releases an album that people love and enjoy but not many listen to.

When he finally got his chance to rise to the top he took it, much like the band that contributes a hit song on the biggest film of the year’s soundtrack. And then the backlash came for the champion, much like it occurs for many bands; as Jones laid waste to the light heavyweight division it became easier for many irrational fans to dislike him. People who disliked him became more populous as Jones appears on an entirely different level.

The voices got louder and more obnoxious, too, and now with the cancellation of UFC 151, Jon Jones was verbally eviscerated by Zuffa president Dana White this afternoon on a media press call as UFC 151 now gets cancelled and those of us in the MMA media get two weekends off from major events. And now Jones, and by proxy Greg Jackson, have become the biggest bad guys out there right now to many people who think he should take a fight with Chael Sonnen on short notice. And while logic dictates Jones, on barely over a week’s notice, should wait and not jump into a bad situation, the voices of the unwashed masses calling him all sort of bad words right now is going to continue to be loud and dumb. And there’s only one thing to say right now.

Welcome to MMA infamy Jon Jones.

Jones did nothing wrong here but whether he likes it or not he’s about to become MMA’s biggest bad guy for a long time. Taking a fight with someone like Sonnen, who’s a difficult stylistic matchup on a full training camp, on eight days notice is something guys who fight for regional promotions do. Jones is a world class athlete and one of the best fighters in the world regardless of weight class.

He has everything to gain and nothing to lose.

As a UFC champion you don’t take a fight against someone like this on short notice purely to be a good guy; having a championship belt means something. It’s why guys who win interim titles want to wait for champions and why champions don’t fight on short notice. Jon Jones didn’t want a card to be cancelled but it wasn’t his intention to cost anyone money; it’s a terrible situation and Dana White has every reason to be upset right now. Mo

A fight with Sonnen, properly promoted for a couple months and built up to, is going to make a ton more money for everyone involved than it could on eight days notice. ney lost is money lost, of course, and this will get settled in some aspect. But don’t view Jon Jones as a villain because he’s not being penny wise and pound foolish.

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