Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 8.23.12

– Well that was a weird ass opening. So much for the 10 man tag match we all thought would happen.

– When was the last time a referee, not a “special referee” get their own entrance?

– I have to admit though, Taryn’s doing a good job. She’s not taking away from the action, she’s a competent referee and damn nice to look at.

– It still amazes me that Robbie E. is getting TV time.

– On a related note, I’ve been working on all the Red Sox news today and it makes me realize that neither WWE or TNA have “cleaned house” or had a Black Friday yet in 2012. Interesting.

– A Robbie E win did nothing to harm AJ or RVD, kept them from taking the BFG Series lead and gave Robbie something to brag about. Logical booking.

– Robbie T vs Jeff Hardy? Fast forward.

– What’s with Sting’s “Two-Face” look tonight?

– Thank GOD this storyline is over. Everything about this was awful. I do feel bad for what “Claire Lynch” had to go through as a person and I’m glad she had the sense to quit instead of put up with the crap.

– Wow I never thought I’d want to see an AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels segment end so badly.

– If AJ and Dixie spent so many weeks with Claire, how the hell did they (especially Dixie) not notice Claire wasn’t truly pregnant?

– Um, first, the snarling. Secondly, as a father, I’d pull those masks off damn quickly.

– This kid’s story is damn heartbreaking so why do I feel he’s going to get denied?

– For a guy who just said he can’t feed himself or his family, he’s got plenty of cushion.

– Woah this kid is terrible. He couldn’t execute his moves or take Gunner’s. Not one judge should vote yes.

– It’s nice for Tenay to tell us NOW that everyone person in the BFG Series has to face every other person in the series once.

– I think the only finishing move that ever looked worse than the Mic Check had to have been the Stroke, which is essentially the same move. Just develop a DDT or SOMETHING Anderson! ANYTHING!

– Despite “the whole roster coming out”, no mention of Hogan except directly surrounding his pre taped segment. It would have been better to save his return for when he was healthy.

– Why are NONE of the TNA guys trying to remove the masks of Aces and Eights?

– And that was damn disappointing. That was a bad follow-up to the hype they gave it last week. I won’t be surprised if the Impact rating drops next week because fans thought they’d see some identities revealed on this show.

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