Covert Affairs – Episode 3-5 Review – “This is not America”

Annie is sent on a mission and finds herself once again to be working with Eyal (the returning Oded Fehr) as they look for the source of a leak in Israel after an Iranian missile is found t contain secret American tech. I love the tension and dynamic between Annie and Eyal in this and every episode these two super spies join forces. This episode also furthered the heartbroken Auggie storyline as Arthur had to bail Auggie out of jail due to the fight in the last weeks episode. Arthur in kind demotes Auggie and returns him to his position under Joan.

Arthur is told he is under consideration to be ambassador to China, which threatens his relationship with Joan.

Though under orders to stay away from Simon, Annie obtains additional information about him, as a gift from Eyal. However, I think that time will show us that Agent Walker (Annie) has feelings she is not ready to deal with when it comes to both Simon and dare I say Auggie too!


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