Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 9.6.12 (James Storm, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Hulk Hogan)

– I don’t think anyone believes Samoa Joe is going to win the Bound For Glory Series but what will be important is what they do with Joe after Bound For Glory. People CARE about Joe again and that took alot to achieve. Capitalize on it, TNA because he could be huge.

– Well that was a weird ass interview and segment.

– That was the weakest TNA tag team roster I think I’ve ever seen.

– I like Taryn’s new referee’s gear. Damn.

– Impressive one-armed suplex from Tara and then great transition to the Widow’s Peak.

– If Joey Ryan didn’t have a contract, that was really nice of TNA to put a video package together for him for free.

– Now Joey Ryan is going to sue TNA. Let me guess, he’s suing them for a contract?

– I really don’t care about any of these tag teams. Honestly, I’d be happy if they all were “eliminated”.

– Glad Bully Ray came out on top again and RVD is out. My disdain for RVD is well documented.

– Nothing like some good old-fashioned torturing on my wrestling show.

– Whoever wins this match Sunday, Bully Ray vs James Storm, is walking away with the belt at Bound For Glory.

– RVD vs Magnus… ugh.

– The best part of that match was the announcement of the tag match at the PPV.

– What the hell? Sonjay Dutt has a TNA contract?

– Man, it sucks Austin Aries is so short. I love ’em but when he’s shorter than a goon, it’s not very intimidating.

– Austin Aries should not be saying “railroaded from behind” while wearing that shirt.

– Love the fact that Luke Gallows got the role as the “Armbreaker” of Aces and Eights. He’s a talent that deserved a job and now has a match on PPV against the World champion.

– Besides that, the show was decent but not great which I think they needed to see this low-level PPV.

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