CB’s Slant: TNA No Surrender PPV Snapshot Results and Thoughts

Below are the snapshot results from the TNA No Surrender 2012 PPV Sunday 9/9/12:

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal: Jeff Hardy def. Samoa Joe

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal: Bully Ray Def James Storm

Knockouts Championship: Miss Tessmacher def. Tara

World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries challenges anyone from Aces & Eights

X Division Championship: Zema Ion def. Sonjay Dutt

Tag Team Championship: Christopher Daniels & Kazarian def. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle

The Bound For Glory Series Final: Jeff Hardy def. Bully Ray

CB’s Slant: Three things that really stick out from these results are:

1. That Sonjay Dutt didn’t win the X Division Championship, since he is just such an awesome wrestler, a TNA veteran (despite being in and out of the company), and a much more recognizable / credible name for the X title than Zema Ion is at this point. I am all for giving the young guys a shot, but when you go from Austin Aries to Zema Ion as the X Division Champion, it’s definitely a huge drop-off. Plus, I personally think Ion isn’t all that great in the ring, but maybe that’s just me;

2. That Bully Ray didn’t win the BFG Series, since he just re-upped with TNA for 2 years and has done some amazing heel work for the company. To have Hardy vs. Aries for the TNA World Heavyweight Title is all well and good, but Ray vs. Aries is the more logical match-up, in my opinion;

and 3. That the Aces and Eights mystery has gotten really old, really quickly. I am all for a slow build, but I feel like we haven’t gotten even one shred of progress on the big Aces and Eights storyline. To have a brawl on PPV that has basically been seen on Impact anyway recently without any big reveal or progress just seems like a waste of Aries’ talent and ability in this spot. Oh well.

Other than that, No Surrender 2012 was OK in my book, highlighted by the tag match between AJ and Angle vs. Kaz and Daniels that stole the show.

That’s all from me — CB.

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Source: ImpactWrestling.com