TNA Quarter Impact Rating 9/10/2012

News, Ratings

Q1: 0.79 rating – Show begins and the first half of Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe

Q2: 0.89 rating – The second half of Joe vs. Hardy and Hulk Hogan segments

Q3: 0.92 rating – Tara vs. Gail Kim and Joey Ryan Gut Check video-package

Q4: 0.94 rating – Joey Ryan and Al Snow’s in-ring confrontation, Hulk Hogan backstage

Q5: 1.06 rating – Bully Ray vs. Rob Van Dam, and Austin Aries backstage with Mike from Aces & Eights

Q6: 0.92 rating – James Storm picked his series opponent, Aces & Eights, and Magnus attacking RVD backstage

Q7: 0.98 rating – The first half of the Daniels and Kaz vs. Chavo and Hernandez

Q8: 1.04 rating – The second half of Daniels and Kaz vs. Chavo and Hernandez,  plus Aries calling out Aces and Eights

Also, for your information, my latest column wasn’t supposed to read. I have been so busy over the past couple of weeks, and either I wasn’t aware that was supposed to publish today or I did something by mistake, but either way it wasn’t supposed to publish until Friday and I’m sorry for those who read it when it wasn’t finished.