WWE Monday Night Raw Preview for Monday 09.10.2012 – Bret Hart Live in Montreal and the CM Punk – Paul Heyman Alliance

Check out the WWE Monday Night Raw preview for Monday 9/10/12 featuring an appearance by WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart live from Montreal and more on the CM Punk – Paul Heyman alliance that seemed to have been formed last Monday night as Raw went off the air:

–Last week, Raw General Manager AJ Lee snapped as the pressure put upon her by the GM role continued to mount.

Will AJ be able to regroup in time for tonight’s live Raw? Also, will she really be able to keep her hands off of Vickie Guerrero following Vickie’s taunts towards AJ last week?

–WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart will be live in a WWE ring in Montreal for the first time in 15 years. New drinking game for tonight: Take a shot every time the Montreal Screwjob is mentioned or referenced in any way.

–It looks like CM Punk and Paul Heyman have formed what could become (if it isn’t already) a powerful, potent alliance that keeps John Cena from winning the WWE Championship at Night of Champions. What will Heyman and Punk have to say about their emerging relationship tonight?

–It’s a good thing World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus has added the Texas Cloverleaf submission move to his arsenal lately, especially since SmackDown GM Booker T was convinced / goaded by David Otunga into banning the Brogue Kick last Friday night. What will Sheamus have to say about Booker’s decision and the forced removal of one of his most powerful maneuvers?

–Oh, and what will John Cena have to say about the attack heard round the IWC last Monday Night?

Find out all this and more on Raw … tonight!

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Source: WWE.com