CNN Headline News Interviews Ric Flair on Jerry Lawler and Wrestling over the Age of 50 and Beyond…

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WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was interviewed by CNN Headline News about Jerry Lawler’s health scare that aired on live TV during last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. Flair defended King’s ability to wrestle at the age of 62, saying Lawler was more qualified to wrestle than much of the current WWE roster due to his level of experience. The Nature Boy also claimed that the medical care available to WWE superstars at ringside might have saved Lawler’s life, and Flair stated that “Nobody made Jerry get in the ring. He got in the ring because he’s a great pro.”

CB’s Slant: This is an unsurprising take on the situation, given Flair’s desire to still wrestle himself. Also, while available medical care at WWE events is surely state-of-the-art, what about all of those older wrestlers at indy shows who don’t have that same access should something happen to them at ringside?

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