My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: CM Punk One Year Later (CM Punk, John Cena, Zack Ryder)

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Dare I make this the third week in a row for My Pinterest Is Piledrivers?  Well will wonders never cease…  I am your host, James Sawyer, and I will get in a couple of minor plugs in my twitter- and my personal pseudo-website-  I’m still working on that last one, but feel free to cyberstalk me up.

So I originally planned on having a look at CM Punk on the one-year anniversary of the promo to end all promos.  You know the one.  This one-

That directly led to the Summer of Punk II, including multi-media blitzes at San Diego Comic Con…

and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

And for a while, things looked good.  Daniel Bryan had won the Money In The Bank match at the same PPV that Punk won the WWE title and skeedaddled, Zack Ryder had been gaining momentum, being mentioned by name at Punk’s Comic-con promo and being chanted for at Survivor Series (even over The Rock!).  It looked like the WWE was maturing, changing, adapting after long lost…

Now?  Not so much.  Punk was turned face after Summerslam simply because the WWE figured that would be what people would want, but in doing so and in getting a feud with John Laurinitis, it simply took his character into a “Stone Cold 2.0” territory.  Ryder won the US Championship after a hard chase against Dolph Ziggler, only to get involved in a main-event feud between John Cena and Kane as a cuckolded bitch, who still has yet to gain any measure of revenge against either Cena, Eve or Kane.

And as of this column’s writing, Punk has turned back heel because… he sold a lot of merchandise and represented a new star after a lack of them for years?  Cena is somehow still a face, as he has been for years and as he apparently will be forever.  The “change” storyline has been revamped into the “Punk’s only in it for himself” act that worked out so well when he led Nexus.  Which is brilliant on the WWE’s part, because then Cena and the office can continue to look like they’re in the moral right while they hope we conveniently forget about our weariness of the top stars and our lack of ice cream bars and good WWE-produced movies.  Ryder is back on TV after an absence of months in exciting, blockbuster feuds against… Heath Slater and the guy who married Jennifer Hudson.

And so ends the big, game-changing storyline started in June of 2011.  Cena will soon be back on top, Ryder is back jerking curtains, and Ziggler can hold the World title just long enough for Orton to get it back.  The ratings can continue to slip, and somehow these guys will get the blame for it.

All is well.

James A. Sawyer graduated with a degree in English/Creative Writing in 2011. He had a hardcore match with a car, and moved to New York in this economy. Clearly Daredevil is not the only man without fear.