Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 9.20.12 (Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Hulk Hogan)

– It’s amazing how much Shaq loves wrestling. How has the WWE not discussed putting him in the Hall of Fame yet? Surely he’s done as much as anyone else in the “Celebrity Wing”.

– As much as I would love to see AJ Styles in the main event picture, pairing him with Kurt Angle still keeps at a relatively high level.

– Remember the classic matches Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit had against Chavo and Eddie Guerrero? Yea, this match is not going to be anywhere near the same level.

– I do think it’s pretty funny that with all the Aces and Eights drama going on, Hulk Hogan finds Daniels and Kaz so annoying that he just likes messing with them.

– Snow looks good with the new haircut. Looks better than when Mick Foley cuts his.

– Does Doug Williams only have a job now to take part in these Gut Check segments? This is definitely his second or third.

– Wow they didn’t give the kid ANY offense at all. Was his tryout too sloppy to give him any or did they already know they weren’t going to give him a contract?

– It’s a good thing they had the angle with Hogan and Roode because really, what would stop someone from denying a purposed fight?

– “NOT THE SHOE!” – Thank you random fan for bringing my interest back into this show.

– This “fight” feels completely wasted considering how much heat these two have. They shouldn’t have been allowed to touch in an official match until Bound For Glory.

– For a feud that had such a good start and preparation, this was a really weakly booked next chapter.

– Did Taz just say we saw a whole different side of Tara? Hasn’t she been a heel the majority of her career?

– So they’re going to team up Tara & Joey Ryan?

– “Championship Thursday”. “Gutcheck”. “Open Fight Night”. TNA – where the name of our TV show just isn’t enough.

– A “lockdown” storyline really doesn’t work week after week when people have to come and go everything Thursday.

– So is Joseph Park “Abyss” again because he got hit in the head? Maybe he just needs Hogan’s Hall of Fame ring back.

– Why do I feel we’re going to see an Aries brainbuster and then a Swanton bomb? At least that’s how it should go.

– Nice restraint there from Bully when it came to the mentally disabled fan. A couple of years ago that might have not have turned out too well.

– They’ve got to be making the title match at Bound For Glory a triple threat match with Bully Ray. Who else would he face at the PPV and why else would they have him pin Aries?

– A good closing match and segment to the show but the rest of it was just kind of there and illogical in most places. Not the best of shows, especially in the last few months.

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