Riot City Wrestling – Mean Street Mayhem 3 [Sept 22, 2012]

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Riot City Wrestling

Mean Street Mayhem 3

Sept 22, 2012


RCW’s version of the house show – a lower key show to give newer talent and the rookies a chance to perform in front of an audience. Now, normally I wouldn’t bother with the results because they really mean little, but tonight has the first in the best of three Key to the City matches between Matt ‘Grimm’ Basso and Hammer, so I thought I’d regale everyone with the results, but no detailed coverage… except for the aforementioned KttC match.


Match 1: Nick Armstrong v Demon Damascus

Demon’s RCW debut, another masked wrestler. Chain wrestling clinic to start, and then a good match. Move of the match: a sweet Michinoku driver by Demon. Good work and a great way to start the show.

Winner: Nick Armstrong, pin off a top rope flying cross body.


Match 2: Venus v Lou Lou Lockhart

Venus is a masked female, also making her RCW debut. Lou Lou’s comeback match after 2 years away, and she’s improved in that time. A little loose at times, but with 2 debutants (essentially), not too shabby. Move of the match: Double clothesline spot.

Winner: Venus, pinfall from a vicious kick combo.


Match 3: Shannon Jarvis v Brad Smyth

Shannon’s return match after his knee injury. Some back and forth to start, then the knee blows out and it turns into a squash with nice selling from Shannon.

Winner: Brad Smyth by pinfall from a kick to the head.


Brad attacks the knee after the match until Big Brodie Marshall makes the save, and then challenges Smyth for later on tonight.


Match 4: Fuzion v Del Taurino

Good match as was to be expected from these two. I like that Del Taurino still does the little heel things even though he’s now a face. Move of the match: Fuzion’s full nelson powerbomb.

Winner: Del Taurino, pinfall from Samoan drop.


Michael Wheeler is introduced and commentator Josh Armour comes out to hype him. He then calls out RCW champion Marvel. Marvel answers, dressed in street clothes, Josh lays down a challenge and, after some goading, Marvel accepts, and decides to fight the match in the street clothes.


Match 5: Michael Wheeler v Marvel

Non-title match. Josh is acting as Wheeler’s manager, and they have the tweener vibe going, including an apparently accidental trip of the champ by Josh. Interesting match-up, rookie v champ. Messy, I’m afraid, but I was led to believe after the show an injury was involved. Move of the match: Marvel’s surfboard dragon sleeper. EDIT: Yes, Wheeler suffered a serious injury. I may have been a little harsh on the match in retrospect. Sorry.

Winner: Marvel by submission (surfboard dragon sleeper)


Match 6: Brad Smyth v Big Brodie Marshall

They’re really painting Marshall as a top tier guy. Solid, but not spectacular match from both. Be interesting to see them go at it for a little longer. Move of the match: Marshall grabbing Brad on the top turnbuckle and Brad taking the Ric Flair fly across the ring bump.

Winner: Big Brodie Marshall by pinfall from Marshall law (torture rack to throwaway slam – think reverse F5).

Post-match Smyth challenges Marshall for the next show as part of the Brad Smyth challenge.


Match 7: Key to the City Best of 3, Match 1: Hammer v Matt ‘Grimm’ Basso

Quite an important match for a house show. Lock up to start, no one gets the best of it. And again. And a third time. Hammer just hits Grimm, Grimm returns it, Hammer returns that. Grimm to a corner, Hammer follows, back and forth again until Grimm throws Hammer to the outside. Both out and they fight back and forth through the crowd. Grimm finally throws Hammer back in, but Hammer attacks Grimm as he comes in. Hammer in the corner with punches. Grimm fights back. Grimm goes for a slam, but he can’t lift Hammer all the way and Hammer falls on top of him. Hammer is now in control. Grimm reverses a whip to the corner. Grimm with a sunset flip for 2. Grimm goes for another slam, but again Hammer falls on him for 2.

Hammer is back in control. Hammer works the back, then uses wrist tape to choke him out. A second use of the tape is caught by the ref. Hammer now works the ribs. Grimm punches back. Kick, then chops in the corner. Grimm with the mounted punches in the corner until a low blow drops him. Hammer with a blatant choke, then another low blow. Hammer puts Grimm on the top rope, and follows him up, but Grimm punches and head butts him down. Grimm with a double axe handle attempt, countered by a low blow in mid-air.

Hammer with a sleeper. Grimm fights out of it with elbows, but Hammer grabs it again. This time Grimm counters with a back suplex. Both men are down, up at five. Yay-boo punches. Grimm lifts Hammer and finally gets the slam. He goes for the pin, but Brad Smyth runs out from the back and distracts the ref. He then does a rope neck snap on Grimm right in front of the ref. (Really?) This leads to a Hammer black hole slam… for 2! Smyth and Hammer both argue with the ref. Hammer goes up top, but Grimm falls against the ropes, and Hammer is crotched. Both men are down again. Up at 7 with yay-boo punches, Grimm with a chop, Hammer with a knee, Grimm with a big boot. Hammer outside, Grimm follows and they’re fighting on the floor again. Grimm belts Smyth and the two big men fight it out. The ref reaches 10 and both men are counted out. Match ends in a draw! After the match Grimm decks Smyth to send Hammer a message.

Winner: none – DCOR

KttC standing: 0-0.


So that’s the house show. Not meant to be as big or as spectacular as the main shows, but an entertaining night out for the most part. And the main event was a good – and intriguing – way top start the Key to the City series.

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