Demythify: Top 5 Robins’ Zero Month Moments As Teen Titans #0 Contradicts Nightwing #0, Proto Robin Costume In Batman and Robin #0 & the Family Grows in Red Hood and the Outlaws #0?! Plus DC Comics New 52’s Batman #0 Gem!

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I hadn’t planned to write a column until my usual Monday Demythify column slot next week, but with all the Batman’s Robins news and a pretty big contradiction in DC Comics’ New 52 Zero Month, I felt compelled to identify the Top 5 news worthy bits about the boys wonder… the good and not-so-good. So, here is that special Tuesday edition of Demythify.

5. Batman & Robin #0 reveals Damian’s pre-Robin Robin journey?

Well, it looks like Damian Wayne had his own red and green proto-Robin costume before he became Batman’s Robin as revealed in the Peter Tomasi written and Patrick Gleason / Mick Gray illustrated Batman and Robin #0. Not surprising since he knew Batman was his father and that he had some Robins as sidekicks… instead of his son! We also saw Damian don the Batman costume for the first time. This pre-dates Battle for the Cowl and his Batman 666 era future identity. 😉

4. Nightwing #0 finally reveals original Robin Costume!

Our EIC showed you the new Robin costume in action, but here is the costume in all its splendor. The Kyle Higgins / Tom DeFalco penned and Eddy Barrows pencilled Nightwing #0 unveiled the first Robin costume (below left) of the DC Comics New 52 worn by the original Robin, Dick Grayson. This goes nicely with the Red Hood and the Outlaws reveal months ago of the original Blue and Yellow Nightwing costume (and other costumes worn by Dick Grayson that Starfire held on to).

3. Batman #0 shows that James Tynion IV is DC’s next big writer!

James Tynion IV has been doing back-ups in his mentor writer Scott Snyder’s Batman series. Not only will these two writers collaborate on this week’s Talon #0 – a new book stemming from the Court of Owls / the Night of Owls saga – but Tynion also crafted an AMAZING back-up tale in Batman #0 featuring the first three “Robins” (caveat here). Tynion can clearly does super-heroics well, but also delivers strong characterization. Well done sir! And, you cam NEVER go wrong with Andy Clarke art.

2. Red Hood and the Outlaws #0 teases sibling for Jason Todd?

There is an interesting reveal on the first panel of the page (below left) from writer Scott Lobdell and artist Pasqual Ferry. It appears on the page the explains the tragic demise of his parents, the first panel appears to show a pregnant momma Todd. The issue does not reveal the fate of said child, so this appears to be setting up something for the future? A long-lost sibling for Jason Todd?

Also, since Red Hood and the Outlaws covered off revealing Jason Todd’s Robin costume a while ago, we do in the issue get to see a close-up and in action first by artist Pasqual Ferry and then by artist Ig Guara.

1. Dick burgles Tim? Nightwing #0 & Teen Titans #0 at odds?!

So will the DC New 52 Zero Month omnibus, available for Christmas 2012, correct Nightwing #0 or Teen Titans #0? What’s the issue with the issues? Well, Kyle Higgins’ Nightwing #0 reveals that Dick Grayson was able to discern through superior observation skills that Batman and Bruce Wayne were the same person before Bruce revealed it to him. This reveal, while strengthening the character of Dick Grayson, weakens Tim Drake whose entire claim to fame early on in the pre-New DCU was that he was the only person ever to figure out Batman’s secret identity. It showcased Tim as the best detective out of the Robins cadre.

However, in the New 52, it looks like writer Scott Lobdell wasn’t aware of Kyle Higgins’ Nightwing #0 plans since a panel from a Teen Titans #0 preview, the actual issue is out this week, directly contradicts Nightwing #0. In it, you note Bruce Wayne in Batman gear indicated that Tim has come to closest to discovering his identity out of anyone. Well, didn’t Dick figure his secret ID out?

The first two images from the below left are from Nightwing #0. The image on the below far right is from the Teen Titans #0 preview.

For the record, I am a HUGE fan of Kyle Higgins’ Nightwing work as well as Scott Lobdell’s ex-Robins work in the New 52, so I was a bit surprised that this pretty big disconnect wasn’t caught before Nightwing #0 and Teen Titans #0 hit stands this month. (I have a suspicion I know who our EIC will blame for this. 🙂 )

Also, it doesn’t appear that we’ll see a new Red Robin costume in Teen Titans #0 if the final cover reveal is any indication. We did afterall see the first Red Robin costume in Teen Titans already.

Lastly, while they were absent from DC’s Zero Month, that mysterious Harper Row and Batman Incorporated’s Redbird are …waiting in the wings. 😉

See you this upcoming Monday on the regular Demythify day. Thanks for reading. As always, all feedback welcome.

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