The SmarK DVD Rant for WWE Superstar Collection: Randy Orton

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The SmarK DVD Rant for Superstar Collection:  Randy Orton

I know we just got an Orton DVD set, but this is the 90 minute cheaper version with just four matches on it.  I still really like this concept, actually.

WWE title, Three Stages of Hell:  Randy Orton v. HHH

This is from The Bash 2009, a point where I wasn’t even watching the product outside of Wrestlemania and the Backlash where Orton won the title from HHH in a six-man.  So this is a regular match first up.  HHH gets the high knee and pounds him in the corner, but Orton goes for the knee and ends up running himself into the post. HHH suplexes him into the ring for two.  Orton blocks a Pedigree attempt by clipping the knee and works on that for a bit, but HHH hits him with the spinebuster to slow down the torrid pace.  HHH bails and grabs a chair, and beats on Orton for the DQ at 5:00.  HHH absolutely destroys him with the chair, setting up the fall count anywhere portion.  KICK WHAM PEDIGREE on the floor evens it up at 6:18.  So it’s the stretcher match for the third part, which means the first two were basically pointless.  Like really, 6 minutes for two falls?  Why even bother?  HHH puts him on the stretcher and can’t get him across the YELLOW LINE OF DEATH, as Orton escapes and goes to the knee again.  Orton boots him into the crowd, right onto the JEFF HARDY CHAIRS, and they fight over to the sound board.  Like really, would you want to be sitting on Jeff’s face at a wrestling show?  Who even knows where it’s been?  They fight back to ringside, tearing up the poor barricade in the process, and Orton drops HHH back-first onto the STEEL railing, and whips him into the STEEL stairs.  Orton brings the stairs in, but HHH gives him the drop toehold to counter and drags him to the stretcher.  Orton recovers and they both fall off the stretcher.  Orton gives him the draping DDT off the stretcher, to the ramp, which is a pretty nice bump actually.  The punt misses and Orton has to kick the stretcher on the follow-through in order to not have that sequence look ridiculous, but he gets HHH onto the stretcher again and sloooooooooooowly pushes the stretcher up.  This is like slow-climbing in a ladder match, but even MORE boring.  Orton’s RKO is countered by HHH and it’s KICK WHAM PEDIGREE on the stage.  Orton is on the stretcher, but Cody Rhodes runs out and blocks the stretcher.  HHH beats him up and tries again, but now Ted Dibiase comes out for the save and HHH has to beat them both up single-handedly.  Finally they manage to beat him down, but HHH locates his SUPER SECRET SLEDGEHAMMER and beats them up, but Orton hits him with a cheapshot from behind and puts him on the stretcher at 21:30 to retain.  Boring match, terrible finish, as it took three guys to put down the THE MIGHTY HHH.  The actual work was fine, but it felt like a bunch of wankery between them and the first two stages were a complete waste of time.  **3/4

WWE title:  Randy Orton v. HHH v. John Cena

From Night of Champions 2009, so we get another round of Orton v. HHH.  Orton wisely slithers out of the ring, but the other two chase him and HHH beats on him in the corner.   Orton bails and the babyfaces continue taking turns on him, but Orton bumps Cena into HHH and takes over on Cena.  Cena comes back with the FIVE MOVES OF DOOM, but HHH breaks up the FU.  HHH stops to glare at Cena, however, and Orton hits him from behind with a clothesline for two.  Dropkick gets two.  Orton with the chinlock, but HHH fights out and they slug it out.  Orton with the powerslam, but HHH counters the RKO into a DDT.  Both guys are down in contrived manner, so Cena gives them both the top rope legdrop.  That looked ridiculous.  Orton takes Cena out again with a neckbreaker and he bails, and then Orton backdrops HHH out of the ring as well.  Another contrived spot sees Orton trying the double draping DDT, but the faces backdrop him out and now Orton gets to play dead for 5 minutes.  So now it’s HHH v. Cena and they slug it out for the boo/yay spot.  Cena gets his shoulderblocks, but HHH hits him with the high knee.   Cena comes back with the neckbreaker and FU, but HHH counters out and they reverse each other until HHH gets the spinebuster.  KICK WHAM PEDIGREE gets two, as Orton saves.  He preps the table, but HHH goes low and Orton gets tossed into the crowd.  Cena puts HHH in the STF on the table, so it must be extra painful.  Back in the ring, Orton and Cena slug it out, but Cena blocks the RKO.  They head up and tease the Tower of Doom spot, but Cena slingshots HHH into Orton and hooks him into the STF.  HHH makes the ropes, so Cena does it again, leaving himself open for the punt.  That misses and Cena rolls up Orton for two.  That was a good moment, with Orton realizing his chance.  Orton puts Cena down and gives both guys the Garvin Stomp and kneedrops.  Finally he misses one, and the babyfaces go to work on his knee, but HHH turns on Cena and puts him on the floor.  HHH actually uses a Sharpshooter on Orton, which is weird until Cena also hooks the STF on him and it’s clear why he did that.  Orton taps but we don’t know who to, so Legacy runs in for the beatdown.  Cena tries to give Cody the FU, and Orton gets the RKO on Cena to retain at 22:22.  That was clever, but man did Cena look stupid there.  Hey, two matches, two fuck finishes.  No wonder I wasn’t watching in 2009.  ***

Randy Orton v. Ted Dibiase

From RAW, March 2010.  This would be after Orton’s babyface turn and setup of their boring three-way at Wrestlemania.  Orton gets a clothesline, but Dibiase hammers away in the corner and dropkicks him.  They fight to the floor and Dibiase runs away, and we take a break.  Back with Dibiase stomping him down and choking away in the corner, and a boot to the head gets two.  Dibiase with a clothesline for two.  They slug it out and Orton gets the powerslam and Garvin Stomp.  Cody Rhodes runs out to prevent the RKO, and Dibiase rolls him up for two before Cody comes in for the DQ at 5:41.  Odd choice for inclusion. *1/2

World Heavyweight title:  Randy Orton v. Christian

From Capital Punishment 2011.  There was concern at this point about whether Orton would actually be cleared due to concussion problems.  Christian attacks to start and Orton gets the Thesz Press and works on a headlock.  Christian goes up and misses a dropkick, but Orton bails and Christian gets the baseball slide instead.  A dive misses and Orton takes over, hammering away in the corner.  Back to the floor, where Christian escapes a DDT and runs Orton into the stairs.  Back in, Christian gets two.  He chokes Orton out in the corner and a neckbreaker gets two.  Christian with the neck vice, but Orton rolls him up for two.  Christian with a spinebuster for two and Orton is selling like he’s concussed again.  He manages to whip Christian into the corner and comes back with a backdrop.  Christian tries the inverted DDT, but Orton hits the powerslam and a belly to belly suplex for two.  Why doesn’t he ever do that move, it looked good!  Christian gets a cheapshot and tries to suplex Orton from the apron, but Orton blocks with a headbutt and they go up for an Orton superplex.  And again Orton’s head is compromised, but he gets two anyway.  They slug it out and Orton gets the backbreaker drop for two.  Christian escapes the RKO, but Orton hits the draping DDT.  Christian with his own DDT for two.  Spear misses, but Christian escapes the RKO and hits it on a second try for two.  Orton comes back with the dropkick, but Christian goes up and lands in the RKO at 14:02.  Although his feet were under the ropes, so THIS FEUD MUST CONTINUE.  Good chemistry from them, as usual.  ***1/4

The Pulse

Kind of a strange selection of stuff, but decent enough for $7 I guess.