Downton Abbey – Episode 3-1 Review – Season Three Premiere

If you’re a fan of the British period drama Downton Abbey, you have loose morals and average computer skills, than I’m guessing you’ve seen the season three premiere.

In a word? Brilliant. Oh, how I’ve missed this show. It’s been so very long.

The year is 1920, and most of the premiere centers around the drama leading up to Lady Mary and Matthew’s wedding. If you’ve seen the episode, click on through to the full recap.

Fashionable People Doing Questionable Things

The costumes on Downton Abbey are always superb, and this episode didn’t disappoint.
We had Shirley MacLaine dressed to the nines to play Cora’s mother, visiting from America.

The scenes between Ms. MacLaine and Maggie Smith were just as sharp-witted as I’d expected. I ate it right up.

Sybil, back from Dublin for the occasion (loved that it was the Dowager Countess who sent the money) with her Chaffeur-turned-journalist husband, was sporting a kicky new haircut.

Even Edith was looking pretty good.

But of course, it’s all Mary, Mary, Mary.

The 1920s are going to be kind to Mary. Of course, it was the wedding gown that blew us all away, right? That headpiece!

The dress made her look like an angel. Like we could *almost* forget that Turkish guy ever happened.

Wedding Night Fight

Of course, Mary and Matthew’s trip down the aisle couldn’t be a smooth one. There had to be a curveball thrown at them, and it was a big one. Robert lost almost all the money, nearly all of Cora’s fortune, and could lose Downton. (Was anyone else annoyed that Cora was the one comforting Robert when he lost her money? Sigh.)

Luckily, Matthew might inherit some money from poor Lavinia’s father. He wants to give it away – he is way too good a person to profit from Lavinia’s death – but Mary wants him to use it to save Downton. This will obviously be a big storyline this season, so I’m interested to see how it all plays out. It’s only a matter of time before Cora’s mother discovers what has happened to her late husband’s fortune.

I liked the stuff with Sybil and Tom, especially with the drugging and Sir Anthony exposing the truth. I’m glad Sir Anthony is back in the picture. Maybe if Edith finally gets her man, she can stop looking upon Mary with such glee when she witnesses a lovers’ quarrel.

Former Chauffeurs and Wronged Men

I liked how the return of Tom as Sybil’s husband, not the chauffeur, caused such ripples for both the family and the staff at Downton. Carson looked ready to explode. I particularly liked seeing Matthew and Tom bond, so I hope he and Sybil stay in Downton for the duration of the season. We need to see Sybil have her baby, and having her around really juxtaposes how cruel Edith can be.

Meanwhile, Bates is still in jail and Anna is looking for any shred of evidence to prove his innocence. O’Brien’s nephew was hired on as a footman, but he is apparently too tall. And Thomas is still the living worst.

It was a lovely episode. Head to the comments and share your thoughts. I’ll leave you with this image as a reminder of the pre-marriage banter that made us all swoon.