THE RAGER! Why Not Ryback?

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So at this point, I’m assuming everyone has seen the end of Raw and so there’s no need for this spoilers, yes? I understand the need to warn people when you’re about to say something that might ruin the ending of a movie, tv show or whatever but I’m tired of having to say “spoilers” every 5th word. Seriously, everyone just go out and see Cabin in the Woods so I don’t have to worry about spoiling things.

Sorry, I’m projecting…moving on.

I know the ending of this week’s Raw had some people up in arms about Ryback and all but let me just say that I’m glad for the ending. I would be in much more of a rage if we were left with just Punk getting the pipe from Cena but instead, we were left with a thought-provoking ending (at least that’s my opinion). As you all know, all I really do on THE RAGER is speculate, it’s half the fun of being a wrestling fan (the other half is being disappointed 3/5 of the time) and this moment is no different.

So I’m making the assumption that the surgery Cena had last week was somewhat unexpected and Ryback was poised to challenge Miz for the Intercontinental Championship. Now Cena is expected to be out of action but still plans to face CM Punk at Hell in a Cell (lucky for them, that gives Cena a total of 5 weeks to recover which was pretty close to his timetable to begin with). But that left WWE in a pickle because now Punk needs someone to wrestle in the meantime and that’s what I’m assuming they’re doing now with Ryback after staring down Punk at the end of Raw. Initially, I was surprised because this is a Sheamus-like push almost right out the gate for this guy and it seems as though he is leap-frogging a bunch of people the company has been big on for years.

And so the natural need to fantasy book set in for me because I was thinking of guys that could’ve easily been used, guys that are higher up the proverbial ladder or guys that would’ve been interesting to see. But then I realized that I was just starting to name guys that I wanted to see feud with Punk and there’s a huge problem with that. Whoever Punk faces leading up to HiaC would cause Punk to feud with two people at the same time but one would suffer because it’s gotta end in 4 weeks and, at no point is the WWE Champion going to look week before facing Cena. And let’s be blunt, as we saw this past Monday, Cena isn’t actually going to miss any camera time and his mouth works just fine so he doesn’t need anyone to speak for him, he just needs a wrestling avatar for a month. Ryback is perfect for this because he hardly talks and wrestles like a machine anyway. I think that, given the circumstances, this decision was a no-brainer.

Of course there are other people that could’ve been chosen for this but you would need somebody that can match the emotional intensity that Cena and Punk has built so far. So by that notion, that eliminates the comedy faces of Santino, Ryder, Brodus Clay and, sadly, R-Truth. Also, you needs a guy that wouldn’t really be set back by losing to Punk so that’ll eliminate Orton (who’s off shooting Cena’s leftovers right now anyway). So for me, that really only leaves me to two options…

The first would be Tyson Kidd and as much as I love the guy, I don’t think he’s quite over enough to pull this off (I’ve assumed the roll of WWE officials that refuses to just throw people out and see what happens). Besides, the scenario that would really work for him would be more of a big-time underdog story and I don’t think you can do that story justice in a month with Cena looming. Besides, WWE has this thing for the literal David and Goliath scenario (aka Mysterio’s entire WWE career).

And then there’s the guy that jumped out to me immediately because I thought it would be a perfect fit but the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was just me projecting my own desires. I really would’ve liked the guy inserted into all of this to be Kofi Kingston. We have a guy that’s always in the weird grey area of up upper-middle card and has yet to get the proper push further. I say do this because he’s incredibly over with the fans so they’ll be onboard and also, it brings the Punk metamorphosis full circle. We have all these people in the story that says how much Punk has let the past year change him and how Heyman is fostering that change. Now bring in Kingston, one of Punk’s closest personal friends behind the scenes and knows Punk about as well as anybody in the business not named Colt. Even though most incompetent writer could piece together a former best friend story line except this will go deeper than a splitting up tag team that’s been together a few months. However, once again, I would want to see this scenario completely played out and I don’t think that could be done justice in a mere month without a pay per view.

I guess this really means Ryback is the only man for the job, unless WWE would be willing to turn a heel just for this but then again, it seems like Punk was only turned because he was opposite Cena. But I’m just one guy with one opinion. Does Ryback work for this scenario? Who else on the roster could be put in this position?

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: Anybody that was having trouble buying that new Sandow shirt last night, WWE Shop has fixed that little problem and was obviously done so because of my tweet demanding they do so…you’re welcome

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