Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 9.27.12

– Something about the name of the “Aces & Eights Clubhouse” makes me picture an adventure on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of a biker gang.

– Wow I never thought Hogan would voice his feelings about Devon live on Impact. That’s stroke.

– Why is it such a shock that Sting is on Impact?

– I like how they are really trying to sell Kurt Angle & AJ Styles as a committed team and not two main eventers thrown together. This gives TNA a reason to keep both men out of the World title picture while also giving the TNA Tag Team Titles a chance to regain some prestige.

– Out of the 3 guys in this match, Kurt Angle has the least amount of experience in pro-wrestling. That’s crazy.

– Gotta love the regained interest in tag team wrestling all across wrestling.

– The one heel was just eliminated from the TV title picture. And above Garett Bischoff. I’m guessing Joe wins and begins a feud with Magnus.

– I don’t blame Eric Young for wanting to lockup with Taryn at all.

– Has Gut Check just become a vehicle for Joey Ryan?

– Bobby Roode trying to turn the man who beat him for the belt, Austin Aries? I’m intrigued.

– Damn, I had a slim bit of hope that they were going to change the look of the TV title.

– Joe and Anderson don’t have much chemistry but they’re making some interesting spots work.

– Smart move going with Joe and capitalizing on his BFG Series success. I liked the finish too, it was slow but most MMA chokes are.

– Oh and that wasn’t the TV title Joe was holding, it was the old TNA Title that Eric Young used to run around with. Hence the reason Joe didn’t display the gold at all.

– Aces & Eights couldn’t even duct tape Sting’s hands together. Isn’t that “Gang Tactics 101”?

– Is Joey Ryan’s first TNA match going to be at Bound For Glory? That would show how high TNA really is on him.

– I’m a little surprised they didn’t want to send Evan to OVW. Who knows though, give him 2 or 3 years on the indys and he might be right back in the mix.

– This segment is starting to remind me so much of the old WCW featurettes they would shoot in the early to mid-90s.

– Yep, that was bad.

– It truly is amazing how much Bully Ray has changed and modified both in the ring and on the mic in only about 2 years. Not many people can pull something off like that so convincingly and successfully.

– Honestly to me, the finish of that match made Hardy look more selfish than Aries. They’re trying to make Aries out to be the heel but it was Jeff who stole the glory.

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