Rabblecast #291 WWE & Hulu Sign a Deal, TNA’s TV Title

In what could be seen as another move forward for WWE as they continue to expand using various social media networks, WWE has signed an agreement to stream their current shows on Hulu Plus. WWE’s Monday Night RAW, SmackDown, NXT, Superstars and WWE Main Event will start streaming 24 hours after their original broadcast dates. The one question that quickly jumps to mind is, will they edit out certain segments or unwanted developments? Crimson mask anyone?

TNA’s recent announcement of staying LIVE through the end of the 2012 year already has people asking, what about 2013? In an effort to help boost ratings TNA is hoping they can hold onto and keep Jeff Hardy happy. Can TNA trust the once troubled Jeff Hardy to maintain his professionalism if they make him their “go to guy”? Also, we’ll have an update on TNA’s TV title. Will Devon(one half of Team 3D) return for a one shot match?


Independent Wrestling News: An nWo reunion in All Japan Pro Wrestling. A tentative card rundown for Tommy Dreamer’s upcoming, House of Hardcore.
We are, The Rabblecast!


On this week’s show:

  • NFL replacement Refs, bring back memories of XFL
  • WWE.com’s confusion with John Cena’s recovery time?
  • Who took part in the nWo Japan reunion?
  • Will Jeff Jarrett return to TNA as part of  Ace’s & 8’s?


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