Harrak’s Quick Quips: WWE Smackdown 9.28.12

– Brand new Randy Orton t-shirt just in time for him to leave to shoot his movie. Just smart marketing.

– I might not mind a short Sheamus/Big Show feud. I don’t need 3 or 4 PPV matches between the two of them but once or twice should be interesting.

– You have to love Cesaro’s European uppercut.

– At least this finally ends the Cesaro/Santino feud but what babyface does he move on to? There’s not many available.

– This might be the first time in Diva history that there’s only two blonde Divas on the main roster (not counting the half-blonde Kaitlyn).

– Nice of the WWE to give Beth Phoenix a clean win in her hometown before retirement.

– I guess Eve has never seen a wig before cause no one ever expecting to commit a crime would disguise themselves.

– Nice backbreaker from Wade Barrett. Where is his storyline? He’s just so damn good. Just PLEASE don’t put him in another group.

– Actually everything Miz said was true. He is everywhere.

– Finally Dolph Ziggler took the mic out of Vickie’s hand. He’s been able to cut his own promos for awhile now, Vickie’s just with him so the ENTIRE crowd doesn’t cheer Ziggler.

– The Usos don’t use their war dance entrance anymore? Damn, that was unique and pretty awesome.

– Did Jimmy Uso just hit Cody Rhodes with a spinning headbutt to Rhodes’ kneecap?

– I like the Rhodes Scholars team, especially the name and the fact that TAG TEAM WRESTLING IS RELEVANT AGAIN!

– Anyone notice the piped in crowd noise during the CM Punk/Ryback segment earlier? There’s no doubt it needed it and I was pleased that WWE didn’t go overboard with the reaction.

– I hate Ryback’s finisher, it looks like it hurts as much as John Cena’s AA but there’s no doubt its phenomenally impressive when he gets a guy like Tensai up.

– This is an AWFULLY long matchup for a predictable outcome. But hey, at least its not Del Rio.

– Sheamus and Big Show will be interesting simply because of the spectacle of the match. And hey, Sheamus did pull two surprisingly good matches out of Mark Henry last year. You never know.

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