Young Justice Invasion Satisfaction News & Spoilers With Roy Harper(s), Speedy / Red Arrow / Arsenal, Season 2, Episode 8 (Cartoon Network / DC Nation)

Following Young Justice Invasion Season 2’s episode 7 called “Depths” a few months ago that flipped the script on the season so far and took us in a very different direction… the series went on hiatus. Now, over four months later, episode 8 hit airwaves. It was called “Satisfaction” and brought the Roy Harper subplot to the fore in an episode focusing on the original, de-thawed Roy Harper (Speedy), the Roy Harper clone we’ve known from Season 1 who goes by Red Arrow now, plus some nice face-time with Oliver Queen, Green Arrow, the mentor of both Roys and Artemis. The episode also includes some interesting and eye brow raising additions to the Justice League and Young just pantheon, just not in the way one would have expected.

Satisfaction opens with the original Roy (Speedy) in a hospital confronting clone Roy (Red Arrow) and mentor Oliver (Green Arrow).

We learn through that exchange that the reason Speedy is missing an arm is because Lex Luthor needed enough DNA to experiment and perfect a clone, which turns out to be Red Arrow. Speedy doesn’t hold a grudge against Red Arrow, since he had no control over the circumstances of his creation, but he is upset with Green Arrow since its been 8 years since Speedy first went missing and that Green Arrow was duped so easily when Red Arrow surfaced so many years ago. Green Arrow feels like a failure since all three of his wards have been unlucky: Speedy was captured and maimed, Red Arrow turned out to be a clone that betrayed the Justice League, and Artemis is dead (note: only the original core Young Justice members know she is alive with Aqualad infiltrating Black Manta’s criminal underwater cartel).

Speedy then escapes the hospital, collects his Speedy gear, and goes after Lex Luthor in Metropolis.

He uses a bazooka to destroy Lex Luthor’s office, he shows himself to be quite resilient against Luthor’s cyborg bodyguard Mercy, and impresses Luthor. The scene is capped off with Luthor trading a steel case of “satisfaction” for Speedy for his own life. What was in the steel case? A powerful prosthetic arm. The episode ends with Speedy recalling that Luthor called him an amazing arsenal of strategies and counter-measures in his own-arm battle royale with Mercy. So, Speedy is no Arsenal. Inspired by Luthor’s words. Powered by a metal arm by Luthor. So, what’s next for the Roys? I’m intrigued.

Also, it looks like Sportsmaster, the villain father of Artemis who thinks she is dead, will be going after Aqualad’s dad, the villain Black Manta, who he blames for Artemis’ death. Big things popp’n.

Like with previous episodes, we also saw the world of Young Justice get expanded.

Turns out that Luthor’s head of security is a man called “Otis” whose voice and dialect is exactly like the Otis, portrayed by actor Ned Beatty, who was Lex Luthor’s lackey in the Christopher Reeve Superman Movie series from the 1970/80’s.

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