Young Justice Invasion Spoilers: Satisfaction Expands Justice League & YJ Roster But There’s A Catch! (Season 2, Episode 8)

Young Justice: Invasion, the second season of the YJ franchise on Cartoon Network, came by from hiatus this Saturday with the episode “Satisfaction”. It brung to an end the ongoing Roy Harper(s) sub-plot and start a brand new one that we discuss at length here.

The episode also included a tease of a new love interest for Superboy, the female Young Justice team members at a wedding shower for Rocket, and an appearance by Captain Cold. It was an action-packed episode.

It also included a interesting hidden holographic memorial to fallen Justice League and Young Justice members. It included what looks like Jason Todd as Robin, the Aquagirl Tula, Artemis (who everyone but the original YJ members thinks is dead), and… the Ted Kord Blue Beetle.

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