JC’s Top Rope Report: A Look At Recent Happenings In The WWE

So I missed out on posting last week. And I have been pretty busy the last couple weeks so it has been tough for me to dedicate a lot of time to writing. But I finally have some free time and my schedule is back to normal. But for now, it is time to play catch up with some of the recent happenings and on goings in the WWE.

-The big story is that John Cena had some surgery and may not be able to wrestle Hell In A Cell. If you go by what happened on RAW this past Monday, it appears that John Cena will be ready to go at Hell In A Cell. And if not, it honestly looks like Plan B may be Ryback. I’m curious to see where exactly this Ryback thing will go. I’m honestly surprised how over Ryback is with the fans. I was at Smackdown this week and it seemed like Ryback got one of the top 3 pops/ovations of the night. It is amazing how over he has gotten in such a short time. But even with Ryback getting over, he still can’t wrestle a full match for the life of him. C.M. Punk may be good, but I don’t know if even he can carry Ryabck to a good 15-20 minute match.

Ryback has the look that Vince McMahon dreams of in a main eventer. But Ryback will flop if he is pushed too quickly. Could Ryback be a Goldberg like main eventer? Possibly, but that is still a long ways down the road if you ask me. Goldberg had more charisma than Ryback and was a bit better worker than Ryback. I’ve heard some people suggest a possible Ryback heel turn, setting up a Ryback/Cena feud. I don’t see that with the way Ryback is over now.

As far as Punk/Cena goes, I don’t know when or how long it will go on. As I have said multiple times, I would prefer Rock/Punk at Wrestlemania. I know the WWE probably doesn’t care about this stuff, but they way they have been hyping the Rock/Cena “Once In A Lifetime” DVD makes me think that the match won’t happen at Mania again. Could they stretch Punk/Cena to Mania with Cena finally getting his big win there? Yes, but I wouldn’t trust the WWE with that. I would still go with this : Cena wins the WWE Title at Survivor Series, retains it at TLC, then loses to Rock at the Royal Rumble. C.M. Punk wins the Royal Rumble and faces Rock at Mania. It still leaves Cena with the opportunity to face Undertaker at Mania.

-So we are getting Sheamus/Big Show it looks like. I guess if it means the end of Sheamus/Del Rio then I can live with it for now. But I know that soon down the line my hatred for any type of Big Show main event will catch up to me. I really hope it is a one time PPV match. Dolph Ziggler has to cash in his MITB briefcase sooner rather than later. Ziggler just seems to be in limbo right now. All of Smackdown seems to be like that really. Orton is away filming a movie, Del Rio has now other face to take on, same with Ziggler. My guess is Orton will face Del Rio at Hell In A Cell after the incidents from Smackdown this week. Hell In A Cell seems like the perfect time if there ever was one to cash in.

-The WWE Divas Division looks to be taking a hit. Beth Phoenix appears to be leaving when her contract ends in October. She has barely been used until recently and just appears to be burned out from all her time on the road. She’s also dating Edge, who is having surgery in November. Some people believe that Phoenix will be back some time down the line. Kelly Kelly and the WWE came to a mutual parting of the ways. It must have been tough for Kelly. Going out on the road and partying and hooking up all those nights. But seriously, she started with the WWE when she was young and it is tough for people in that position to be immediately thrown into the circus lifestyle of the WWE. People rarely care about the Divas Division as it is. At least they have a storyline going with the “Who Done It” angle with Kaitlyn. I don’t know how much people care, but at least it is something.

-Speaking of getting people re-interested in a division, it looks like the WWE is putting some more emphasis on the tag team division. Daniel Bryan and Kane are the class of the division. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the skits from RAW this past Monday. But the two have some good chemistry together. I really hope it leads to big things for Bryan in the near future. I’m perfectly fine with the tag team of Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. It gives the two something to do instead of just wrestle random singles matches. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow make a good pairing for the time being. I still hope those two breakout as singles stars down the line. Both have that potential. I’m also still a fan of the Prime Time Players act. There is some hope for the tag team division if it is stuck to. My guess is Rhodes and Sandow win the tournament to take on Kane and Daniel Bryan.

-SummerSlam reportedly did 350,000 buys, up from the 311,000 buys it did last year. That means two things. The first is that Brock Lesnar has proven that he can be a PPV draw. The buys have been up for the 2 PPVs he has been on this year. Anytime the WWE sees a bump in buys from the year before is a good thing. Lesnar’s drawing power is very good. Maybe him not being on TV all the time is a good thing long run. It makes him more of a spectacle. Sadly, the second thing this means is that we will more than likely get Lesnar/HHH 2 at Wrestlemania. The feud was not good before, and I don’t know what the WWE could possibly do to make the program interesting again.


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