WWE Superstars Report 9.20.2012 (Drew McIntyre, Tyson Kidd, Ted Dibiase, The Usos)

Sorry about the lateness of this report CB and the other 2 people who read this. It’s been a rough week.

With less Heel-Face to Face-Heel turns than a Russo-booked show, it’s The Superstars Report.

Ted Dibiase vs. J.T.G.

I read that Ted returned last Sunday for the pre-show battle royal. The one he didn’t win. Now that’s how you bring someone back. Anysnickerdoodle single-leg-takedown by Rhodes for a 1-countt to start things off. J pie-faces him then retreats to the ropes. A kick to the gut leads to a hard shoulder-block & J celebrates. He celebrates a bit too long and turns right into a dropkick. Rhodes hip-tosses J and a lariat sends him crashing to the floor. Rhodes rolls J back into the ring after a suicide dive (I need to find a better name for that move) for a 2-count. Ted goes for mounted punches in the corner, he gets off 3 before J slips under him and sweeps the leg causing him to sit in a not-so-good way on the middle turnbuckle. A clothesline gets 2 for J. A few stomps to the torso gets J a 1-count. Dibiase fights out of a grounded inverted-bear-hug with rights to the stomach but J ducks under a lariat and uses a…I’m going to call it a backdrop neck-breaker and gets 2. Ted goes for a quick small package and only gets 2. J quickly gets to his feet and downs Dibiase with a knee to the gut. Multiple stomps and knee drops gets another 2-count for J. Ted fights back with some rights but a hard Irish-whip into a corner puts a stop to that. J covers for 2. Ted elbows his way out of the body-scissors and sends J to the ropes, J uses the momentum to mess up Ted’s equilibrium with a sliding punch. Ted is dazed but he recovers quickly and uses that follow-the-opponent-to-the-ropes-and-lariat-him-when-he-turns-around move. A Busaiku knee kick and a sit-out spinebuster gets 2 for Ted. Dibiase eats boot as he charges into the corner occupied by J; He returns the favor when he catches his foe coming off of the middle turnbuckle with a dropkick to the torso for 2. Dibiase tries to pick J up but he’s pulled stomach-first into the middle rope for a 2-count. Ted reverses a whip and quickly hits Dream Street for the 1-2-3. This was “meh.”

Jinder Mahal vs. Drew McIntyre

Tie-up to start, Mahal is backed into a corner and the ref. forces a break. Rear waist-lock by Mahal, Drew grabs the wrist then quickly applies a waist-lock of his own. Mahal puts his left foot between the ropes to force a separation. Mahal elbows Drew in the face and puts him in a headlock. Push-off by Drew, shoulder-block by Mahal.  Drew gets up, leapfrogs over Mahal on his first pass, lays on the mat on his second pass and catches him with a dropkick during his third. Mahal tries to kick Drew in the face as he charges into the corner but McIntyre catches his foot and floors him with multiple rights. Mahal is whipped into a corner but moves out of Drew’s way, McIntyre elbows him in the face and prepares to come off the middle turnbuckle but Mahal brings him down with a wristlock throw! Mahal stomps Drew’s back a few times and adds a jumping knee drop. He then takes Drew’s arm and slams his still-injured left wrist into the mat. Mahal puts Drew’s hand on the top rope and…uppercuts his wrist? That’s…different. A double-arm suplex gets 2 for Mahal. Jinder continues to work the wrist with a hold and Drew tries to free himself with right hands, Mahal knees him in the stomach and clubs the back of his neck to thwart that attempt. Mahal sends him to the ropes but lowers his head too soon and takes a kick to the chest. Drew rebounds off the ropes but gets dropped with a knee to the midsection. McIntyre puts his hand on the top rope; bad move as Mahal punts his injured wrist and covers for 2. I just realized that Drew is working as a face in this match. Or a less-douchey heel. Take your pick. A lariat puts Drew in the perfect position for a springboard stomp to his injured appendage. McIntyre takes a Russian leg sweep but he quickly pushes Mahal off of him at 1. Mahal drops McIntyre to a knee and hits the ropes and McIntyre meets him in the middle with a lariat. A pair of forearms and a snap suplex gets a 2-count for Drew. Mahal reverses a whip and clubs Drew’s injured wrist causing him to scream in pain; McIntyre just drops him with a big boot. He plays to the crowd for a second before hitting the Future Shock D.D.T. and picking up the win.

David Otunga vs. Tyson Kidd

Otunga wins. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this match!

The Main Event: The Primetime Players vs. The Usos

Jay & Darren grapple with each other, Jay gets put into the fireman’s carry but wiggles his way out and messes with Young’s hair. Darren is flabbergasted so Jay smacks him to calm him down. A tag is made and the double-back-elbow-to-double-elbow-drop gets 2. Jimmy goes for the super kick but Darren hangs onto the top rope and brings in Titus. Jimmy goes on the attack with right hands but gets body-slammed anyway. Jimmy avoids an elbow drop and tags out. Jay connects with a dropkick that pushes O’Neil into his own corner. Darren becomes legal and gets hip-tossed. Young seizes control with a pair of knees to the gut but a reversed Irish-whip sends Young to a corner and over the top rope to the floor. At some point Jay tagged out. I swear I’ll be able to tell these two apart some day. Jimmy follows Young to the floor with a diving cross-body. Titus goes after Jimmy & Jay puts him down with a diving shoulder-block from the apron. Commercial time!

*No commercial is shown so think of your favorite*

Jimmy ends up on the ring edge and has to repel O’Neil’s advance with a right hand. He turns his attention back to Darren but the momentary distraction allows Young to use the top rope for a neck-breaker! Titus makes the tag and causes Jimmy to do a flip on the floor with a lariat! O’Neil covers for 2! I swear I’ll go easy on using exclamation points! Titus applies a head-lock and beats Jimmy down when he tries to fight out of it. A tag is made and Young is reverse-suplexed onto Jimmy for a 2-count. Darren goes for 2 more quick covers and gets a pair of 1-counts. Another tag is made and Titus punt-kicks Jimmy in the stomach as he’s reverse-suplexed by Young (Jimmy lands on his feet though). A European uppercut gets 2. Jimmy throws rights to the midsection but gets kneed in the face. O’Neil orders Jimmy to let the ref. know if he can continue and he answers with a lot of punches and a back-body-drop! Both men tag out and Jay expends some energy with a pair of forearms, a sidekick to the large intestine, a kneeling palm strike to the face and a standing corkscrew elbow. Young takes a running hip attack in the corner and gets pinned but O’Neil breaks the cover at 2. Jay enters the ring and he and Titus end up on the outside. O’Neil throws him chest-first into the ring edge just as Young gets a Samoan drop. Jimmy…no wait Jay is on the floor & Jimmy is the legal man. Jimmy goes up-top but O’Neil messes with the top rope just enough to allow Young to push Jimmy’s legs out from under him, forcing him to sit on the top turnbuckle much harder than he’d like to. Darren makes the tag and the back-breaker/diving elbow drop allows the P.T.P.s to pick up the victory.

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