Kickstarter Launches for Brooklyn-based web-series “King of Fitness”

Check out more details here: King of Fitness on Kickstarter

Here at Inside Pulse we like to spotlight the projects of many of our talented and creative writers. This month comes a promising web series from my friend and Inside Fights Editor-in-Chief Shawn M Smith. Shawn’s got some talent creatively and I’d love to see him get this underway.

What is he looking to do? An interesting take on the world of no budget film-making in a web series. He has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming web-series “King of Fitness,” which shoots next month in Brooklyn and parts of Queens. But he needs some help getting it started and so of course he humbly came to us at IP Movies to spread the good word on his project.

The comedy (written by Smith & Andrew T. Pitkin) follows the exploits of Graham Tyler, a late 20s slacker whose life has fallen apart. No job and no relationship coupled with the fact that he now may not finish the “movie of his dreams” has left him in a desperate place.

He needs the signature of the former love of his life so that the one thing he has done well, his epic action film “King of Fitness,” can be released. Setting out with a pair of lovable and loyal friends, Graham heads off to find her and begins the final step of getting his film (and maybe his life) in order.

Examining the shenanigans that can come up in the world of low budget film-making, the series has brought together a number of highly creative and talented people including Michael Anderson, Matthew Bayer, Kiera Capitanio, Dawn Collet, Brandon deSpain, Jameson LaMarca, Josh Miller, Emma Orelove, Joe Ortlieb, Mark Parker, Cynthia Shaw, Shawn M. Smith, Christopher Whalen and Kevin White.

If you’d like to learn more, head to their page and discover what incentives they’ve offered for your support. Even if it’s only a couple dollars they could use your help; if you can’t help that way pay it forward. They’re offering some solid stuff in exchange for some funds to help make it.

You can get copies of the DVD, digital downloads, limited edition shirts, posters and other stuff for your financial contributions. This is a recession and we realize that not everyone has the money to contribute; if you can help out by spreading the word around I imagine Shawn and what’s supposed to be a really talented group of people would appreciate it as well.

I’ve donated to this project and if you could, please do so. It may not seem much but even a small contribution could be the difference.


Source: King Of Fitness