Superman #0, Superboy #0 and Supergirl #0 Puzzle Pieces – Interesting Tidbits by Lobdell, Rocafort, DeFalco, Silva, Green, Johnson and Asrar – Spoilers

After a controversial take on the new DC Comics New 52 Superman era, pursuing the Superman Family books revealed some interesting tidbits about the next few months of stories and the upcoming H’el crossover.

SPOILERS follow.

You have been warned. 😉

Superman #0 by Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort

Superman #o ushers in a new era for Superman with Red Hood and the Outlaws, Teen Titans and former Superboy Scott Lobdell scribe at the helm with his Red Hood partner Kenneth Rocafort on art chores.

The issue is a nice romp through Krypton prior to its destruction with Superman’s father Jor-El and mother Lara taking the spotlight. Interestingly, the issue ends with two interesting developments.

The first (on the left), we have Superman, Kal-el / Clark Kent, on Krypton with long hair and a black costume. Looks like the time travel moratorium is over in the New 52. Although, with DC saying the whole Death of Superman arc actually happened in the New 52, this Superman looks a lot like the Superman that comes back to life at the end of that arc.

The second (on the right), is the New 52 introduction of DC Comics new… Oracle.

Supergirl #0 by Michael Green, Mike Johnson and Mahmud Asrar

Not only was Superman time traveling during Zero Month, so was Kon-el, DC New 52’s Superboy (see left).

He popped up to speak to Kara Zor-El’s mom Alura to tell her it’s not too late to say good-bye to her daughter. At the same time Zor-El is planning to send Kara away from a doomed planet. After that discussion, Alura goes off and does something unthinkable (see right), but is still unable to prevent Kara rocketing away from Argo City.

So, did Superboy’s intervention preserve history or re-write it? And, how’d Superboy get back into the past? Hmmm.

Very, very cool art in the issue in addition some touching moments and smatterings of action.

Superboy #0 by Tom DeFalco and R.B. Silva

Superboy also, understandably, is featured in his own series’ zero issue. 🙂 While much of the buzz has been about the retcon of Superboy’s recently revealed 52 origins, we do in this issue get a glimpse of what is believed be Kryptonian history and the “clone war” on Krypton that has been mentioned in previous issues. That dark history is the reason Supergirl initially was repulsed by the sight of Superboy – a clone who in the New 52 is part Superman, likely part Lex Luthor, and a third part that is TBD.

The first three images from the left are the flashback Kryptonian history. The last page on the right is the tease of events to come for Superboy, narrated by The Culling villain Harvest, that implies a few things about a confrontation with another DC teen team, the Superman Family, and… a Kryptonian clone?

H’El on Earth takes place in November across the Superman Family books, Superman #14, Supergirl #14 and Superboy #14. So, do you H’El might be DC New 52’s Bizarro? Hmmm.

The Superman Family books like they’re getting a healthy dose of fantasy and fun! Looks like page-turners are on the horizon.

Thanks for reading. As always, all feedback welcome. 🙂

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