THE RAGER! The WWE Tag Team Division at a Glance

So the tag team division is dead? Not so much anymore. WWE launched a tournament to determine which team will be #1 contenders for the championship and so I figured this would be a good opportunity to take a look at each team, if you would kindly oblige:

The Usos: I still can’t really tell these two apart other than I do know that one is a tad more Rikishi-ish than the other but that’s about as far as that goes. I’ve been a big proponent of theirs for a while and I really wanted to see them with a decent run with the tag team championship by now. These guys are really the longest tenured tag team in the company and it’s almost a shame they haven’t had the belts yet especially given the time where it seemed like champions were picked at random (a la the Divas championship). What doesn’t bode well for them (at least for now) is that they were eliminated in the first round of the tournament.

Epico and Primo: Of course my two favorite tag teams are eliminated in the first round. These two were basically saddled with the belts after Evan Bourne smoked his career away and it was odd because they hit their stride after they gave the belt to Kofi and R-Truth. Seriously, back when Prime Time Players were all the rage and had their spotlight push (pre-Kobe rape joke/Linda support), the Colons were outclassing them in the ring every time. I don’t really know what it is but Primo looks as good as he ever has in the ring and Epico seems to be really coming around.

Prime Time Players: I hate them but I know I shouldn’t. I love both of these guys in the ring, Young has greatly improved in the ring since we first saw in the opening season of NXT and Titus is just a beast of athleticism. I hate them because their persona is terrible and one step away from being the next Cryme Time (referencing the CONSTANT use of the hair pick).

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara: Speaking of people I hate, the only way I could hate a tag team more would be if Kesha slithered out of whatever rock she sleeps under and teamed with Carlos Mencia in a competition against originality. We all know WWE really wants to force these two down our throats and make us give a crap for whenever they break up and face each other.

Santino and Ryder: This hardly counts but I’m hoping this doesn’t last long at all.

R-Truth and Kofi Kingston: I understand the need for these two, they’re the upper mid card guys together in attempt to raise the bar on the current tag team division. However I’m ready for something to break with them. Kofi needs a really good solo run at the top level and Truth desperately needs to go to crazy heel again.

Rhodes Scholars: As much as I really want Cody and Damien to go on the fast track to be top heels in the company, I fully support the two teaming up because I’m completely in heterosexual love with both men (there’s really no point in hiding my bias). I go back and forth on the team name on whether it’s kinda cheesy or completely brilliant…today I’m going with completely brilliant.

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel: Not to sure how I feel how about Justin Gabriel but I’m all for more reason to see Kidd in the ring.

Tag Team Champions Kane and Daniel Bryan: It would be easy to jump onto the bandwagon of saying that these two are the lone reason for the tag team division’s resurgence. However I would make the argument that the groundwork was already laid and ready but it was Team Friendship (because that’s their real name) that set everything into play.

In the end, I’ve heard the argument laid out by several people that are basically saying that the tag team division aren’t really back because they’re depending on a team made up of two top tier wrestlers. My argument would be who cares? Like I said, the pieces were already put in the place over the past view months. Vince McMahon announced that the biggest thing fans will enjoy within the next year would be the refurbished tag team division and the improvements have not gone unnoticed.

Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answers: Has anyone seen Hunicho and Camacho? Are they still alive?

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