My Pinterest Is Piledrivers: I Love Wrestling 100 (“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Matt Cappotelli)

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Well if you know your insider wrestling news (and if you’re reading this… you do), then you know what all three of those wrestlers have in common and what this column will be about.

Hello, my name is James A. Sawyer and this is My Pinterest Is Piledrivers.  Boy, and to think I was worried about running out of column ideas!

So as of this writing, I have been tentatively diagnosed with having a tumor, and am being tentatively scheduled to undergo surgery when this column goes up on Thursday.  Luckily, the type I have is what they call “common uncommon” and the “young man’s disease.”  Basically, if one were to win cancer at the roulette table, this is one of the slots you’d want the silver ball to land in.

I try to be somewhat vague about my personal life on here, but I figured in this case I should be up front and honest as a) maybe it’ll make some reader feel less alone if they’re going through something similar and b) I have no idea how long, or if, my column will be suspended.  I’m told the recovery time is mild, so maybe I’ll be annoying Gojira by next week again!  Maybe I’ll have to take another extended break.  Who knows?

I do know this, however.  I love wrestling.  One hundred.  (I will give a dollar to the first person to get that reference.  No joke.)  Despite it all, despite my complaints… I love the promos, the suspiciously distracted or incapacitated refs, the hot tags, the Punks and Brys and Ziggs and even the way ole Vince absolutely loves this business and hams it up because even though he’s rich… dammit, money can’t buy the smile he can’t help to have when he’s in the ring being booed or cheered-storyline dependent).

I love this site.  I loved the MIA Andrew Wheeler, the Smark Scott Keith, the “cool heels” of Blair and Kon and Swayze, the goofy childlike glee of that one guy who loves the Rock whose name escapes me now but whose column I always read.  I love the new addition of Matthew Harrak.  I love the British sophistication of the “Gentleman” James Alsop.  I read this all the time, and while I’m recovering will continue to read this all the time.  I plan on tag-teaming some Q&As with Blair, soon, so don’t count me out yet!  This is the only wrestling site I go to.

I don’t expect to need anything, really.  Although if someone wants to send me the CM Punk DVD through Amazon or somewhere I certainly won’t complain.  No Blu-Rays, though, I ain’t rich.  If you want… just send me an email.  About anything.  Tell me about your favorite wrestlers, moments, thoughts, matches, send me links.  Hell, tell me about your opinions on the elections, your pets, your favorite new shows.  I watched The Mindy Project.  I liked it, I thought it was clever.  My friends (mostly out of state) are keeping me entertained, but I could always use more.

And let me send out a couple of plugs to some guys that need it.  First, Colt Cabana.  Go to  And love Colt.  His podcast with Nigel McGuinness hit so close to home it’s not even funny.  Colt gives out so much free content, even though he has but a humble studio… apartment.  He has a free weekly YouTube series, a free podcast, and even did a contest to fly a fan out to watch a Chikara match, and the dude isn’t making WWE money.  He’s a great guy, both as an entertainer and as a person and also has the coolest damn merch in the biz.  I fully support this Jewish wrestler.  L’chaim!  (Did I do that right?)

Finally, let me throw out a plug to one of the funniest and most underrated guys out there, someone I’ve mentioned before, “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor.  He’s on YouTube with a regular series here, and has a Twitter you can follow here.  He’s a recent college grad trying to make it in the indie (and one day… one day big time) scene, and the dude is hilarious.  And also incredibly un-PC.  In fact, one retweet I had of his lost me a follower, I do believe.  So follow, watch, enjoy.  He also beat me on the reg at Words With Friends, surprising giving his frequent drunkenness.

Lastly, don’t worry about me.  I’m “The Pacific Coast Playboy,” “The East Coast Asshole,” “The Southern Dandy” James A. Sawyer.  This year life has thrown depression, anxiety, panic attacks, joblessness, evil foreign-born hipster roommates (the worst kind), car accidents (while on foot!), and now this at me.  And everytime… every… time… I kicked out of the finisher at the last second, did an awesome reversal, hooked the Anaconda Vice and made that SOB tap out.  The world hasn’t made the thing that’ll kill me yet.

Be good.

James A. Sawyer graduated with a degree in English/Creative Writing in 2011. He had a hardcore match with a car, and moved to New York in this economy. Clearly Daredevil is not the only man without fear.