Harrak’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 10.4.12

– I love how they’re talking about choosing anyone from the TNA roster for Sting’s partner but aren’t all the biggest, and therefore best, names already booked in matches for Bound For Glory?

– Anderson vs Gunner? It’s taking all of my will not to turn Impact off.

– There’s no way you can hit the Mic Check “out of nowhere”, it takes too damn long to execute.

– This “smitten” gimmick by Tara is a little weird. It worked well with Madison Rayne because she still looks like she could be a school girl whereas Tara is more of a principal’s age.

– Knew it last week. TNA must be really high on Joey Ryan if his first match for TNA is at Bound For Glory.

– If Bully Ray becomes Sting partner, I think it’s a sealed deal that Bully Ray is going to be revealed as part of Aces and Eights, if not the leader.

– Hey! They finally got the belt back from Devon. Too bad it still looks awful.

– Why does no one know how to apply a STF anymore? William Regal needs to hold a class to reteach all these guys.

– That was a sick Muscle Buster but it was pretty much the only offensive move Samoa Joe was allowed in the match. Not good.

– This triple threat match should be the main event of Bound For Glory.

– I hate this. I just can’t take Chavo seriously in a competitive match, especially against Kurt Angle.

– It doesn’t say much for the challenger when he doesn’t even get an entrance.

– Is it wrong that I want Williams to work extra stiff with Ion? A broken nose, busted mouth, nothing serious but something.

– Damn.

– Dammit again! I really wanted to see Matt Morgan in a WWE ring again. But I guess he had the same fears so many of us had but I just hope TNA learns how to use him.

– It’s bad when in a company where your World Heavyweight Champion wears a cape to the ring but yet he doesn’t even come close to looking as stupid as King Mo does.

– New theory, maybe they’ll put Park under one of the masks as a member of the Aces and Eights team. It would be a nice progression without having to bring back Abyss.

– Another very good showing from these three guys. I understand (don’t agree with) why Jeff Hardy is in the main event and it should be a stellar match but I can’t help but imagine what could have been if they went with Bully Ray or went with the original plan of Roode/Storm for the belt.

– Dear God, thank goodness it wasn’t Mr. Anderson.

– I’m loving my prediction from earlier even more now. Mark it down!

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