Earth 2 #5 Puzzle Pieces: Enter The Sandman Plus 3 More Justice Society Members With Catwoman? Green Lantern News Too! SPOILERS!

Earth 2 #5 dropped this week by writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott. The world is being built with each so featuring several direct on-panel debuts as well as hints and clues about other likely future Justice Society members peppered in. This issue was no different.


SPOILERS follow.

Sandman Moves from The Mystery Theatre To The Military

Looks like on Earth 2 Sandman, Wesley Dodds, is a silver fox leading a band of military operatives called the Sandmen! BTW, Wesley Dodds is Canadian on Earth 2!

I like how the gas mask look was kept and modernized.

Seeing the Green Lantern Forest & Missing the Justice Society Trees? 😉

Hidden in Plain Sight!

The internet has been so mesmerized in this issue by how the book ends. With Green Lantern Alan Scott entering the Grey selfless to defeat Grundy and… encountering his dead fiancée Sam.

You have the meeting panel on the left and the cuddling panel on the right.

However, what has not been wildly reported were the references in the World Army panels in the page on your left. In the last one on the bottom right of that page, see the Justice Society’s former founder and now foil Terry Sloane conversing with the military leadership and remarking that:

Red Tornado is unfinished, and Captain Steel is halfway around the world.

So, with DC editorial deciding that Stargirl Courtney Whitmore should stay on its main Earth as a member of a new Justice League of America, Earth 2 gets Red Tornado (the robot, likely not Ma Hunkel)! Plus ye old Steel, not a Commander, not a Citizen, will show up as a Captain.

Here are their previous Red Tornado human Ma Hunkel version and the robot version (along with a cool house ad) plus the three generations of the Heywood family with Commander Steel, Steel (of Justice League Detroit infamy) and Citizen Steel:


Catwoman Comes Calling?

If you haven’t checked out his website, you should, since artist Brett Booth is one of DC comics New 52’s standouts. Over the past several months he has released rejected designs for several New 52 characters.

One caught my eye as it did its accompanying caption:

And finally my Earth 2 Catwoman design. DC decided they wanted to go a different way with her mask so that was changed. I like both, but the other one doesn’t look cat enough for me. I do like her hair 🙂

The Top 3 Wonders of Earth 2 – Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman – may be dead and their Supergirl and Robin are stranded on the “main” DC New 52 “Prime Earth” (see Worlds’ Finest), but could “a” Catwoman still be prowling around? This sketch is most likely the original one from Earth 2, who was Batman’s squeeze and Robin’s (now Huntress’) mom, whose fate was revealead in Worlds’ Finest #0.

However, I’m hoping we also get an Earth 2 second generation Catwoman; A sibling to Huntress or someone else? That would be cool for Earth 2.

Thanks for reading. As always, all feedback welcome. 🙂

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