Young Justice Invasion Darkest Recap: 3 BIG Developments With Nightwing, Artemis & A Big BANG Theory! Season 2, Episode 9 (Cartoon Network / DC Nation) Spoilers & Review

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Well we are into the second new episode of Young Justice since the DC Nation’s serie’s summer hiatus ended. The first episode last week on Cartoon Network focused on the series’ Roy Harper”s”. We now have Season 2, Episode 9, of Young Justice Invasion titled Darkest.

There were three pretty significant developments in this episode in addition to the little Easter Eggs that are peppered throughout the appearance like Dr. Ray Palmer of The Atom fame in DC Comics.

For those three developments, continue reading. We have pics too! :)

SPOILERS follow.

You have been warned. ;)

Prisoner Of The Light’s Alien Partners & The Competitor?

In reviewing the episode, it was nice some of the first half of Season 2 developments come back to the fore. The captured Lagoon Boy gets added to the collection of meta-gene “categories”, that the alien stealth and invaders and “The Competitor” are compiling for some yet-to-be revealed reason, that also include younger versions of the 1970s ethno-Super Friends plus the villainess Shimmer.

While we don’t know the identity of the Light’s alien partners, Lagoon Boy does get a glimpse at one of his captures. Any idea who she might be? Also, due to the machinations of an undercover Aqualad and Artemis in Black Manta’s goon squad, Beast Boy, Blue Beetle and Impulse are also captured and added to the specific meta-human categories the aliens are collecting.

Artemis & Aqualad’s Infiltration Gamble

As we learned prior to the hiatus, Aqualad is undercover and Artemis is pretending to be dead to give Kaldur more cred his dad Black Manta’s criminal organization. Artemis is using Zatanna’s glamor charm so that everyone, but Kaldur sees the real her. For everyone else in Manta’s organization she looks nothing like her big, bad, blonde self.

Artemis assumes the super-villainess mantle of Tigress and is Aqualad’s right arm in Manta’s forces. The nom de guerre is interesting since that was the name of the pre-Flashpoint Artemis Crock’s villainess persona in DC Comics. In addition, in a previous continuity to that, right after the 1980s Crisis on Infinite Earths, a villainess named Tigress married the villain Sportsmaster and became the parents of an Artemis Crock. So, that is also a fitting historical tie to the Tigress name and because on Young Justice Artemis’ father is the Sportsmaster. Interesting enough, Sportsmaster pledged to go after Black Manta in last week’s episode to avenge his daughter Artemis’ seeming death. So, looks like a big villain-on-villain dust-up is coming.

With Artemis’ seeming death under his belt, Black Manta and Aqualad’s villain posse – including the Terror Twins and Icicle Jr. – are still skeptical of his loyalties. Tigress’ loyalties are also questioned since she is a new villainess on the scene that no one has heard of before. So, to allay concerns, as part of their efforts that included taking on and defeating Young Justice in their own lair, capturing Blue Beetle, Impulse and Beast Boy, Tigress destroys YJ’s Mount Justice fortress.

The defeated Young Justice team members survive – unknown to Black Manta or Aqualad’s villain posse. Superboy’s sentient Super-Cycle from Apokolips saves him, Nightwing and his Superboy’s wolf. Mal Duncan races to save them and through his smart phone examines the rubble that is left from the explosion of Mount Justice and tracks down his battered, but alive teammates.

We also learn later in the episode from Nightwing, that during the melee that culminated in the capture of their YJ teammates and destruction of the island, Kaldur was able to slip information on tracking Lagoon Boy to Nightwing. The Young Justice team will be closing in on all the kidnapped teens soon.

Was The Big Bang Theory, Actualized, Worth It?

Well, yes, that was a play on words. But, the team’s plan to explode Mount Justice, the team’s Big Bang Theory, ;) does pay-off. With Artemis death, the destruction of Mount Justice, and the seeming death of Young Justice, Aqualad is seemingly finally fully embraced by his father Black Manta and introduced to the reconstituted “The Light” villain cabal. The Light includes Vandal Savage, Queen Bee, Lex Luthor, Klarion the Witchboy, The Brain, and Ra’s Al Ghul.

To reward Kaldur / Aqualad, they promise to introduce him to their alien partners.

And, end episode. ;) Can’t wait for next week.

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